Could Health Cabin Flavors Be On to the Dr. Pepper Flavor?

Maybe it’s just hopeful thinking? But if you go to Health Cabin’s site and look up Dr Pepper it lists these flavors?

Orange soda 3F#70
Root beer soda 3F#71
Cola soda 3F#68
Lemon soda 3F#69
Vanilla soda 3F#73

If that’s true would it mean that Dr. Pepper was the first original suicide?

Also looked like their Grape Flavor was the same concentrate number as Grape Goobers by Smuckers?

Historically Dr Pepper is made with 23 flavors, so that’s a pretty fair claim. Texas Monthly did an interview with one of the 3 people who know the secret formula a few years back if ya wanna read it, it’s kinda a neat read if ya like Dr P. :slightly_smiling:

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I love history so thanks for the article. I love Dr. Pepper too but unfortunately I had to take all caffeine out of my diet so now I’m hoping to recreate the flavor in vape