Could really do with some help pls

i was wondering if anyone could take the time to kinda make me a recipe lol to start me off, ive been messing about abit with diy but not really getting the hang off it, and now im running out of premium juices and i dont want to spend any more on them,

vienna cream
uber menthol
joy - biscuit, meringue caramel
nonnas red cake -
up - coffee, cream, cereal

was kinda aiming towards a cookie recipe and orange menthol recipe, i probably should of found a recipe then bought those flavors i know but stuck with these untill next pay day, live n learn lol

all from flavor art ( also have vape wizard tho im not exactly sure what it does, tones it down abit i gathered )

appreciate the help, ive searched recipes for similar flavors but theres to many to search through

Did u enter all your flavors in your flavor stash and correctly? orange (fa) for example. You can then use “what can i make” and narrow the list further by “search by flavor stash” highlighting the flavors that must be contained in the mix. You can get creative and experiment w/ for example orange and cookie, orange and cream or perhaps all 3 using the mixing % avg to get u started in the right direction. under user find flavor list and enter the flavor and brand, orange (FA) and see the % for single and in a mix, u may also read notes about the flavor there for good pairing etc, Gl to u and welcome aboard!


You could always have a go at

Cookie 1.5 %
Orange .75 %
Vienna cream 1.30 %

Or even a bit of almond in. You can go higher with the percentages, but I wouldn’t go over 1 % with the orange though. Hopefully someone more experienced will come along with better suggestions. Good luck!


i have now xD thats brilliant, never knew you could do that! thank you


will definitely give that a try thank you :slight_smile:

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Good luck with it. I love the orange flavor from FA but I find it fades a bit over time. I make an orange cookie juice with 4% fa orange, so you probably have a bit of a range to play with.

For your next purchase, have a look at this thread: Analyzing The 100 Top-Rated Recipes

A little investment in those top flavors will get you far and deliver a ton of highly rated e-liquids that will keep you, your friends and family vaping for months. There are a few other beginners guides in the forums that I highly recommend you read through. It’ll save you lots of money, frustration and what else and it’ll get you on the right track with DIY in the fastest possible time.


only so much u can do w/. orange but everything else can be used in a lot of mixes. I never tried myself but nonna sounds good w/ a little help, perhaps meringue and a cream?

Yeah my recipe contains graham cracker, cookie, marshmallow, meringue, french vanilla, sugar cookie and a drop of super sweet… not something he can make. Just saying, that orange is a fantastic flavor but my experience is that 0.75% really isn’t enough to let it shine :slight_smile:

Usually FA are very strong flavors and you don’t need a lot of them in a recipe, but there are some exceptions.