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I recently purchased a Triton RTA System. Being new, I asked the supplier to recommend the suitable coil wire. He supplied me with Vandy Vape Superfine MTL Fused Clapton SS316L wire.
Firstly, I found it next to impossible to coil this wire properly. When I got it reasonably okay (6 wraps, 3.5 mm id), it read 1.7 ohm. I tried it on my sub ohm and it starting shorting (battery indicator on Mod was blinking / flashing).
Threw it out and made a new one (5 wraps, 3mm id). This time I heated with my gas solder and it was okay. Got a reading of 1.32 ohms. did not short but initial vaping was okay, started at 10w and went up to 20w. But now it will not fire up. Even at 10W - nothing. 25w , still nothing. Put back my eleaf ECL coil for now. Ideally, I would like to get 0.3 to 0.5 ohms.
Any thoughts on this and how best to go about it? I have ordered some SS 28awg wire from FastTech and should see it at end of Sept, if all goes well.
Thanks .


I looked it up and read a few buyer comments. They say it needs to be a vertical coil build to get good airflow.

The 28awg SS is going to Ohm around 0.52 Ohms if you do 4 wraps with 3.0mm diameter coil. I don’t think you will want to use less than 4 wraps. You need lower resistance so thicker wire (lower awg #). Are you using Temperature Control? If so you have the option for Ni and Ti. You can use the web tool to dial in different gauge wire, types of wire, coil diameter, and number of wraps and figure out what Ohms you’ll end up with.

I use Android Vape Tool app. I prefer it over Steam Engine.

One buyer comment said you can fit 24awg. 3mm diameter with 5 wraps will Ohm around 0.27

One buyer referenced this video review


Hi JiM210,
Thank you so much for this info. I tried both ways , verticle and horizontal and got the same results. I wonder if the cause of my issue is the actual wire type. As I was recommended and sold the superfine MTL wire by the same supplier that I bought RTA from.
What are your thoughts on that.? I have seen some videos of guys showing how to do this coil and also rebuild prebuilt coils. I have not tried that though. I managed to re wick my ECL coil but used the original coil wire as it was still good. Did the same on my HM-2 coil (mesh was good) and works fine.
Thanks again.


Oh one more , how did you upload the photos of the Vitamin Styled RDTA? I tried to screenshot and upload but failed and tried by copy and paste , but couldn’t either. Hahaha.



Okay, got it . I understand now. I have on order a roll of 10m SS 316 wire 28 AWG. So now I have to be patient and wait for it to arrive.
Yes, I have a KBox 200 and a Geekvape Lucid. and shuttle between TC and VW depending on the e liquid I am vaping.



I have been making coils for years and I would suggest that you start with a cheap RDA and some 24g kanthal will will have more room to build and 24g is very easy to wrap. RTA can be tricky especially for someone new to it. I have been doing this for years and even I have a hard time some times with RTA’s there just is not a lot of room for error. Hope this helps some.


I did screen shots on my Android phone. I then loaded then into the Photoshop Express app and cropped them. It saves the results as JPEG which is easily uploaded to this forum.


I see. Hahaha. Okay thanks for that info.


@Skyhawk26 I think that @Mike162 has the right idea. Im sure your excited about the new Tritan RTA kit but that is not an easy coil to do by any means. I’ve wasted a great deal of hours trying to re-purpose the larger sub ohm coils and never got good results. You can get an RDA real cheap and learn to do coils well and enjoy the whole experience. You’ll probably get hooked on RDA’s and forget about tanks. You can still put that 28awg Stainless steel wire to good use.


Welcome to the forum, @ScottPreot

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Hi @Mike162. Thanks for this advise. Yes, I was really looking forward to this but have since given trying…not totally but just with the Triton RTA for now anyway. I have a Vitamin (clone) @$3.85 and a Coil Father King RDTA on the way. It’s still in the air somewhere. I also ordered a stack of wires Kanthal 24 awg to 32 awg and the same range in SS316L . Also, a box of mixed 48pcs pre coiled coils. All of which are on the way. And of course cotton and the coil winding tool kit. Hahaha.
Some from AliExpress and the rest from FastTech. . Can’t wait to have fun with those.
Cheers buddy.
Thanks again.
Have a great weekend.