Could UK vape community have decided BREXIT?

There are two million vapers at UK. Presumably all of them unhappy with the European TPD (Tobacco Products Directive) in which vaping is likely to get banned.

Turns out that the referendum votes difference between “Exit” from European Union and Remain is one million and three hundred million.

I’m very sure it was a contributing factor.
There were many though.

If that was the case it was misguided. The TPD has already been implemented in the UK and will likely not change for a very long time… Leaving the EU would only make it harder to purchase EU vape gear and it would possibly be import taxed as well.


And any UK business that wants to supply customers in EU countries (either retailers or direct to consumers) will have to conform to the same TPD requirements.

There’s also the crazy possibility that the next version of the TPD could be implemented among EU members years before a future UK government gets around to even looking at relaxing the UK’s regulations.

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The real issue here changing the good mood from vapers towards the EU is vape being wrongly banned despite the evidences shown since the subject came to discussion that vape isn’t smoking, vape is good for the smokers health, vape save lifes as an alternative method to smoking.

Even so, it was regulated the same way if not worst as the smoke was and clearly favouring lobbies.

If one looks broader, its easy to find the same behaviour from EU concerning other subjects, not to mention the lack of democracy and the abuses in which EU is engaging.

Well it’s the reason I voted out. Just saying…

I certainly don’t disagree with any of that.

Just that leaving the EU won’t make any positive difference for vapers in the UK for at least the foreseeable future. And it could easily make things even worse for all European vapers.