Could we get a Topic Category for NETs?

A general question for the whole group: Would you like to see a sub category for NETs? As it is now there is everything lumped into just a posted thread: N.E.T Creations and Reviews (Naturally Extracted Tobaccos or Teas)… this makes it hard to search or discuss and particular specific subject matter in such a broad topic.

I understand that it is generally acknowledged that NET is a small group within DIY mixologists, but the few of us that are on that path have a bunch of topics that could support active and interesting topic threads if we had a place to corral them and post about them.


While I’m not in that niche… I think it’s definitely a great suggestion! I can easily see how you guys could have all kinds of sub-topics. :smile:

+1 vote here


I’d be into that as well, seeing as the last couple of NET’s I’ve bought taste almost nothing like what I was expecting/hoping! It might be that I’ll have to crack that nut one of these days as well.


Here ya go!


Thank You Lars !!! I appreciate your rapid response ! You get a big Gold Badge and fifty “atty-boys” !!!

We will make good use of it,… us NET fanatics appreciate it. Perhaps seeing posts over there will jog some of the synthetic mixers to give it a try. I think it will be positive all the way 'round.


Positive is a great thing! :sunglasses:

One of the big positives is self-sustainability, with regards to creating your own tobacco concentrates. Sure, you might have to purchase the tobacco from a vendor… but in the end, I would say you won’t be able to buy +/- 150ml of any concentrate for less than $10; that about what it cost me, depending upon the tobacco I purchase. :wink: And I’ve made 150ml of pretty darned outstanding NET with $1.50 per ounce bulk tobacco.


Thank you very much.