Could you inhale wrong?

So first, the background.

Last night i went to this vape store near my house, bought a pair of coils and some cotton and started vaping.
some guys in their early 20s i think, came to me and told me that i vape wrong.

The way i inhale is, i would draw deep and slowly for about 3 - 4 seconds, and exhale a few times, the way i smoke cigarettes (i vape for about a month now, trying to quit my smoking, by the way, but i still smoke now and then).

this guy told me that i should inhale for about 5 seconds and exhale all of the vapors all in one exhale.

here is my question : is there a certain inhale and exhale technique that’s accepted and not accepted, or could i just inhale and exhale any way i want? because it wasn’t just this one kid who told me i inhale wrong, there were actually a few of them agreeing with him, who told me even for mouth to lung, i inhale and exhale wrong.

Thank you in advance for your answer / reply.


If anyone told u how to smoke a cigarette, id bet u rather they didnt and rather never have smoked in the first place. You are starting to vape more which is great and do it how ever u want to.


Good Lordy, vape however you feel is satisfying to you. There is no wrong way as long as you like it. Screw those button jockeys…


@worm1 and @Beaufort_Batches thank you for that, i thought i was doing something wrong…


Vape on, vape often, vape however it helps you … ignore the jerks.


@Alisa thank you for that. i’m right now prowling this forum for some of the words those kids said, mouth to lung and the other one is director lung? is it the same as direct to lung that i found on here? because that would make more sense
edit: yep, i think it is direct to lung.


MOST people that smoke cigs or have smoked cigs, do so MTL (mouth-to-lung). People that smoke marijuana, typically do so DTL (direct-to-lung) .
Does that help?

Vapers DO IT ALL the Ways. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: I should have said : Some Vapers DTL, some MTL, and some are bi-vapers. LOL Some of us started out as MTL’ers and progressed (along with our vaping gear and liquid) to DTL. Some stick with MTL forever. Some start out DTL and don’t even remember how to MTL.

None of it matters.

All that matters is you find what works for you and keeps you from smoking as much. Maybe even gets you to stop smoking all together, if you find exactly that right mod and right liquid. :slight_smile:


@Alisa yes, that really help. the reason why i asked this question here is because this (vaping) is new to me, but it’s by far the best way to held my smoking habit in. i was curious if there were some “secret zen technique” or whatever it is. so glad i could just do this whatever way i want to


Maybe people smoking from a bong? I’ve smoked weed for over 20 years and never have I done a DL hit nor have I ever seen any of my smoking buddies do such a thing. We smoked the stuff in joints just like any tobacco smoker would.

MTL: first you pull the smoke or vapor in your mouth, remove the device/cigarette/bong/whatever and then inhale whatever’s in your mouth.
DTL: you simply inhale directly through the device/cigarette/bong/whatever (like if you’re inhaling through a snorkel).

DTL or MTL is mostly dictated by your airflow. a very restricted airflow is for MTL and open airflow is for DTL. Obviously you can force yourself to do the other thing but it will feel forced, not natural.


there is no such thing…
vape however seems satisfying for you and works for you… there is not such thing as “correct inhaling/exhaling”


The only proper response to the person that told you that you were doing it wrong

“Please show me how to suck on it. You look like you have tons of experience at sucking on it. Your lips look like they could suck the red off a candy cane in no time at all. Please sir, show me the ways of the suck”


Ok. You could be right. :slight_smile:


@Amorphia thank you, i will just vape whatever way i feel like now.
@TheTinMan1 wish i could think of that answer at the time…


Lmfao! I’m quite sure you know perfectly well how to breath in and out w/o any help from guys barely old enough to smoke in the first place… I can see how you might question it though but fear not! I , myself used to wonder what all the big secrecy was about this vaping stuff before I was an official ex smoker and I would always be told I wasn’t advanced enough for this or that in a vape store. Pfft! I don’t know if anyone else has had that experience but where I live they act like they have a huge treasure of secret knowledge only available to a select few and definitely not to noobs, haaa! At the end of the day there’s so much more to all this diy and vaping,( building coils, replacing coils, learning what a coil is LOOL etc…) that I’ve learned so much and have so much more to learn and I’m thankful to forums like this and Reddit and a few others to help make it a lot easier! God speed …;))


@Vapnzdabidnz i couldn’t open reddit (they’re banned in my country, Indonesia) so this site is the best source so far that i could find about vaping. wish i found this sooner. and you’re right, there are a alot more to vaping than inhaling :+1:


As everybody else already said, there is no right or wrong way, only your way :wink:


What a drag! I’ve learned so much from Reddit! I’m so sorry it’s banned for you! Can u access utube? I also learned a lot there… there’s also Vaping Underground, it’s a very nice forum like this.


@Vapnzdabidnz youtube, yes. i got to this site from there actually, from diy vapor channel. that’s the one with the old guy, i think. vaping underground? haven’t checked that. i’ll do that as soon as i’m done checking this site out. there’s just so much here.


When I get smarter I’ll shoot you some Reddit links I like. Not sure when I’ll learn how to do links, lol, but when I do you’ll be among the first to get some. They’ve been the most help w flavors and mixing recipes…


The only thing you were doing wrong was listening to idiots. :wink: Which, well, let’s be honest, we’ve all done at one time or another. :laughing:

Like the rest have said, do what suits you!!
Same applies to hardware choices, wattage/TC, and even /gasp flavoring!
chuckles :wink:

Welcome, and carve out your niche!