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I’ll be attempting to blot out this scorching sun with the help of Coval Vapes, courtesy of!


A few weeks ago I reviewed Coval Vapes Strawberry Custard, and it didn’t fully agree with my taste palat.
I found it too eggy, too heavy, too dark… I prefer European custards which are generally a lot lighter on the tongue and have a slight natural citrus note to them.
However I didn’t say it was a bad juice, not at all even. I will happily vape the entire bottle and enjoy it. It’s a nice change of pace and it would be a damn waste of perfectly good juice if I just set it aside.

But Nathan, the owner of Cloudhousevapor, didn’t agree with what I wrote. He was convinced my opinion of the Coval juice was wrong.
You have to know that Cloudhousevapor has always had a special place in my heart because that was my go to shop back when I started vaping.
Nathan is one of the few people I can say is responsible for convincing me that the world of vaping is a lot more fun than slowly continue to commit suicide by smoking.
When I got my first serious mod, the Innokin MVP2 and Aspire Nautilus, it was Cloudhousevapor who sold it to me.
When I took my very first steps into mixing DIY juice, it was base and flavoring I bought from Cloudhousevapor.
Even now, after so much time, I still point people wanting to make the switch to vaping to his website.
Because he’s one of those vendors that goes above and beyond to please his customers, whether it’s by giving advice or by selling a myriad of juice and gear at good prices.
So in that regard: thank you for being such a stand up vendor, Cloudhousevapor!

(Disclaimer: Despite my personal tokens of gratitude towards Cloudhousevapor, my review is of Coval juices and is garantueed to be 100% honest. I’m reviewing the juice, not the vendor.)

But back to the point… After my review Nathan contacted me and told me I should definitely try a few other Coval flavors that he likes to vape.
I was intrigued and despite my reviewqueue filling up a little too fast for my pace, I agreed with him to give Coval another shot.
So he sent out 3 bottles: Strawberry Creamcake, Crunchberry and Pearberry.
Motherf… he wasn’t wrong! He convinced me. Coval has some excellent juices in their range and I have to admit defeat.

Join me as both Coval and Nathan prove me wrong…

The review.

All the liquids were tested in

  • Plume Veil, dual coil at 0.4ohm with 0.45mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon
  • Doge V2, dual clapton coil at 0.38ohm with 0.51mm core and 0.2mm wrap Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon
  • Troll, dual coil at 0.4ohm with 0.51mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon
  • Freakshow Mini at 0.8ohm with 0.45mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon
  • Cthulhu RTA at 0.4ohm with 0.51mm Kanthal A1, wicked with rayon

All these were put on different mods, including but not limited to, Sigelei 100W+, Sigelei 50W VR2, Heatvape Invader Mini, P4Y IPV Mini II, …
Wattage ranged from 25W to the full 100W on the Sigelei 100W+, depending on what I felt like that day.
Each juice was tested for at least two days as my all-day-vape. This means I got to spend enough time to get a feel for the flavorprofile and took notes while vaping.

Coval Strawberry Creamcake

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

A decadent strawberry creamcake with a coconut cream cheese icing. Simply incredible. This has become a favorite overnight in store!

My review:

Scent: Strawberries and slightly sour cream, almost like strawberry yoghurt
Color: A deep amber with an orange hue
Taste: The strawberry is the first thing you’ll taste on the inhale, they’re sweet and have a nice fresh flavor to them, combined with a slightly sour cream pushing its way through.
The profile is well rounded and seems to change ever so slightly when you exhale to a more sour and creamy flavor.
The strawberry in this is so much tastier than the Strawberry Custard, it just works better.
Not an all-day-vape for me personally, but definitely not a bad vape!

  • Flavor: 7/10
  • Vapor: 9/10

Coval Crunchberry

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Tastes just like the cereal!

My review:

Scent: Sweet and succulent berries with candy notes
Color: Yellow amber
Taste: I’ve never had the pleasure of tasting the original Crunchberry cereal but I imagine this juice is very close.
If you like cereal vapes you’re sure to like this one too, because it really tastes like cereal.
The milk kind of eludes me, but there’s definitely some creaminess in the flavor.
There are several sweeter notes of berries, lemon, and something I can’t quite place that round each other off with a somewhat heavier flavorprofile.
The balance between the flavors is very good though, there’s a new note to be discorvered on every exhale.
An excellent morning vape! Actually… an excellent all-day-vape too!

  • Flavor: 8/10
  • Vapor: 9/10

Coval Pearberry

Ingredients: 3mg/ml nicotine, PG 30 / VG 70

Description on the website:

Tart pear on the inhale mellowed by a cool honeydew and notes of strawberry throughout make for a delicious all day vape.

My review:

Scent: Juicy and ripe pear, smells like summer
Color: Clear with a slightly yellow heu
Taste: Where do I start? I love this stuff, it’s as if you’re eating an extremely juicy pear.
There are notes of honeydew poking through but only very subtle, it seems to be there just to make it even more succulent.
The inhale is full on sweet pear while the exhale brings out the juicy side of the profile.
Despite being such a sweet vape, it’s still very fresh and it doesn’t get sickly like most sweeter vapes.
Without trying to sound like a salesrep, I think everyone who likes the flavor of pears should at least give this one a go at some point.
This bottle is going like there’s no tommorow, it’s that good!

  • Flavor: 9/10
  • Vapor: 9/10

In conclusion.

Ok Nathan, I admit it. You swayed me into liking Coval and now I feel like an ass for not liking their Strawberry Custard.
Though this goes to show that people should at least give a few flavors a try before making up their mind, I was already convinced that Coval wasn’t bad but just ran into a flavorprofile that didn’t agree with me.
I’m especially fond of Pearberry, which is such an easy vape during these extremely hot days in Europe.

In closing I would like to thank Cloudhousevapor for sending out these juices and convincing me that Coval has some really good juices.
And of course thank you all for reading my reviews! I hope they help you find that perfect vape.
Join me next time for another juice review from the UK, made by Novavapes!

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review, so get in touch if you want me to review something from you!
I can be reached on my website (which is currently on a temporary domain) via DM on Instagram, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.
Juice, RTA, RDA, mods… it’s all welcome and I’m sure we can work something out!

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of juicy pear scented vapor


Coval makes some terrific e-liquids. I am hooked on Azeroth and Churro, myself.

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