Cranberry Apple- Ocean Mist

We combine the sweet taste of apples and crisp, clean taste of cranberries to make a good-for-you juice drink.

I’ve tried a few variations,

7% Cranberry (CAP) + 4% Fuji Apple (FA) + 1% EM + 2% Extreme Ice
5% Cranberry (Cap) + 4% Fuji Apple (FA) + 2% Extreme Ice

next one is going to be
1% Grape Juice (TPA)
.5% Italian Lemon Siciliy (CAP)
6% Cranberry (CAP)
2% Fuji Apple (FA)
Omitting Cold to get the flavoring right, and omitting EM/Sweetner in that it might be getting muted.

I also read on the Reddit notes that the Cranberry/Apple has some kind of chemical (abdada- Shady’s back, tell a friend • 5 points 2 years ago
Cranberry is heavy 2-methyl Butyrate.
Apple and Pear are both medium 2-methyl Butyrate.
Mixing the three probably brings out a ton of 2-methyl Butyrate which may pull away any individual fruit out of the mix.

If anyone wants to collaborate, I’d be happy to try.


…watching this space~!

I really like the Nicotine River Ocean Myst, Have you worked with that one at all, I think it would pretty much cover most of your base for this, even as a one shot, I get more Grape than cranberry from it, I use it around 7-9%, by itself it could use a few things to make it more full more cran-apple, Lemon Sicily I would go with F.A. if you have it. with most fruits I like to layer small amounts of TFA Dragon Fruit and/ or INW Cactus, to brighten. Fuji is always nice and bright.

Here is one i was playing with earlier this year and never got back to it. In my notebook i have two other variations but all three recipes i say i need an apple other than or combined Fuji. My notes also say that a white grape might be nice at low %s.

I used to drink a LOT of this stuff, Ocean Spray has a facility here in town so it is in every store, gas station and pharmacy.