Cravin Vapes Clones?

Does anyone have or know anyone that has them. would love a few of there clones. Tried to blueberry muffintop but just cant seem to get it right, i know theres more than two flavors beside blueberry and cinnamon danish. but i know othere people around me whoe would love some of there clones, seeing as prices here in indiana sky-rocketed.

Best advice I can give you is to search this site by 5 star recipes and the most ratings. There are quite a few good ones on here with both those elements.

Yeah I have done that and most only contain blueberry and cinnamon danish swirl. Tried and tested. Not the same at all. And I can’t describe or tell what it’s missing.

you could try blueberry muffin (flavorah) or blueberry muffin (Real flavours) may get you closer

I have both and they are pretty decent

Yeah…Randy I hate to be the one to tell you but it takes a good 3-4 months to start developing a feeling for what will work for you. It’s a bit of a long journey. The great thing about this site is you are in the company of the best mixers on earth that will help you learn. There is no better place :slight_smile:

I will tell you my trick for making a nice smooth throat hit vape though… at least you can try it.

Mix your VG With 4% Distilled Water and 1% Vodka and 95% VG

(That’s your VG Mix then and you don’t need to use PG at all)

You could also try to take the stuff you have already mixed and cut it with 1% Vodka and 4% Distilled Water and it may be able to be vaped simply because it smooths it out enough to vape it. It works for people I know that bought a large bottle of liquid they don’t like very much too.

yeah i have blueberry muffin (flv) and tried adding cinnamon danish swirl also, and also just blueberry, but i just cant figure out what im missing. and its really bugging me. its one of me and my brothers favorite blends they have there. with prices ar 20 a 30ml here now, not gonna buy more

It takes a really long time to be able to tell what flavor is missing. Take notes on what specifics you can taste. I’m not sure how many flavourings you have, but I would slowly build up your arsenal and revisit this after you have more flavours. you have to get really lucky to order the right flavors to clone right off the bat. Don’t give up on it, but don’t throw all your money at it either. Good luck!

as of now i think i have 66 flavors, 3-4 recipes for me and bought others to test out and have almost 2-3 recipes for family and friends each. so probably gonna build up fast

anyone have any idea how to help with blueberry muffin, im at a stopping point on one of my favorite flavors.