Cream base recipes?


First, happy new year everyone!! Also, as a new user, let me thank everyone on this forum for giving the vaping community a good place to share and learn.

So I would like to know some of your best cream bases recipes, with the flavors I have here :

  • Bavarian cream (DX) TPA
  • Vienna cream FA
  • Custard FA
  • Vanilla swirl TPA
  • Sweet cream CAP
  • Whipped cream CAP
  • Cream fresh FA
  • Vanilla bean ice cream CAP
  • Condensed milk FA
  • Yogurt FA
  • Greek yogurt CAP

My goal is to find the best flavor associations to get :

  • A light cream to go with fruits
  • A bakery cream
  • A custard cream
  • An ice cream
  • A yogurt
  • A milkshake

I am also trying to avoid diketones, but not completely closed on using them.

I know there is an infinite possibility of associations, this is why I ask you which ones work best for you and which one you find is the best. Please specify for which use you find it is the best (like is it mostly for fruits? Bakeries? Something else?)

I hope I am beeing clear enough, as English is not my native language, and have sometimes troubles to express what I am looking for.

Thank you very much!!

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Welcome to ELR!

Someone with more experience than me will hopefully help you out. Meanwhile you can check out this great pairings thread.


You may wish to look at a stone…