Cream & Butter flavor suggestions for newbie?

Just getting into DIY here. I want to keep it real simple at first so I can learn.

Wondering what flavor ADDITIVE the more experienced mixers here use to get that creamy buttery flavor? The one that makes the commercial ones taste creamy and buttery?

I know about the bad BUTTER type ones, (popcorn lung etc.). From what I’ve read online by some of the “expert” mixers there is no direct replacement in some recipes for those BAD ones, but they are still available. In my case I’m not too concerned to use those in small amounts if that is really true.

Adding more info for better help (sorry for long post)

For my first attempts, I’m concentrating on a banana flavor juice. I’ve bought many store “banana” $20 juices. Some were good, many I gave away. My tastes have changed over the years, and while at first I did not care for the “buttery” flavored juices, I started to miss them at some point. I don’t know the exact flavor or flavors used in most of them, but they all seem to share something in common, smooth buttery, creamy. Here is a few examples:

“Brevity” - Five Pawns - Taken Three:
The world famous Boston cream pie infused with banana creaminess. Get a taste of dessert on the go, a mouthwatering delicious pie that packs a solid punch of flavors and great clouds.
Primary Flavors: Banana, Pie, Cream, Caramel, Chocolate

Jimmy The Juiceman “Creme Brulee”

Mech Sauce - “Gorilla Snot” & “Big Nana Arms”

My first purchase of supplies from Nude Nicotine, I got a bottle of their “Banana Cream Pie” flavor, I have to return it, as for whatever reason it has no flavor, bad batch, I don’t know. The rest of my order was fine, the other flavor I got was a NN “Strawberry/Banana”, that has a powerful smell, that’s when I knew something was wrong with the first one.

I do plan on getting banana flavors from the other known sources, but want to order whatever folks recommend for the buttery creamy flavors, so that hopefully as I progress I can get close to the 3, I mentioned above. As a DIY newbie, I’m trying to keep it simple at first. I’ve looked at a lot of recipes online, joined the ELR site, but many recipes call for 4-8 flavor ingredients, I’d like to start simple at first and work my way up.

You may be able to answer some of your own questions just by looking at what others have created on the ELR recipes site. Do some research and you’ll find many wonderful mixes like this one by WAKEandVAPE:

JTJM Creme Brulee Clone

5% Banana Cream (TPA)
10% Dulce de Leche (FW)
1% Ethyl Maltol (10% PG) Diluted 2% (TPA)
3% Marshmallow (TPA)
3% Pie Crust (TPA)
4% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 26%
Remember to rate it at:

If you want a really ‘premium clone’ flavor, you may have to mix several different flavorings to get there. If you want something that’s just similar, you may be able to find a single flavor you like, but it will cost you some $'s and time too.

A really nice Creme Brulee flavoring is made by INawera. ( )
I like it as a stand-alone, but have no idea if it’s anywhere near the flavor of the JTJM one, for I’ve never tried it.


You’re definitely not going to find that without using flavors that contain diketones. Like @Alisa said, I suggest you search the recipe site and find some recipes that look interesting to you or that are made by well-respected and highly rated mixers. Order those flavors and see what you think. In general, FA flavors don’t contain diketones, Cap’s flavors marked V1 may but V2 definitely don’t, and TPA DX line is diketone-free.


Thanks. I could live with a small amount of diketones, but will try to avoid them.

Here is a quick question:

Do you need to “open cap steep” alcohol based flavors BEFORE using them?

Reason I ask, I mentioned above the NO smell, no taste flavor I got from NN.

I called NN, not sure about older issues they may have had in the past regarding customer service, but since my first order, they have been GREAT! Nine out of ten times they actually answer a phone call. They are sending me a new bottle of the “Banana Cream Pie”, I was willing to send mine back, but they said don’t bother.

He did ask if I had left the cap off for FOUR days, to evaporate the alcohol. I said no, but that there was absolutely NO flavor or smell of anything. The other two NN flavors had a strong smell when I opened them.

Since I’m new to DIY, I had read that with certain ALCOHOL based flavors, that AFTER mixing you may have to steep with the caps off for a day or two, but never read about doing this with new flavor bottles BEFORE using them. Is this the accepted technique for alcohol based flavors?

A lot of people, when using the alcohol based concentrates do air out their final mix.

Personally I don’t mix with anything requiring that from FA cap INW tpa Ect. Now I do have some odd ball flavors coming in like banana cream clear LO and white chocolate INW. Those two may need a bit of air…but I probably won’t air them out either.

Some do “air” out their mixes. Even when using the above mentioned. Personally I haven’t and will not really do it either. To me it’s just asking for things to oxidize, react with air, and possibly let out the good stuff I wanna keep.

Thanks, steeping with the cap off AFTER mixing is debatable, some say overnight some 24-48 hours. But I’ve never heard of:

Airing, cap off steeping of just the flavor additive, BEFORE using that flavor. That’s what the NN rep told me on the phone, and again, this is for ALCOHOL based flavors.

Allowing your mixes to steep is the most important part …time. If while airing out and you can smell it? that’s your flavor escaping. Alcohol? Some people add alcohol on purpose. I think much of the fuss is the way mixes taste immediately after mixing …which is rarely good. Never judge a juice an hour after mixing …more like 2-4 weeks. This is a great debate and a personal preference, but it makes sense to me that if your smelling it now you won’t be tasting it later.

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Folks, while I appreciate the responses, it’s not the question I’m asking. I’ve read a lot on steeping, open cap, crock pots, and ultrasonics. I’ve made my previous question points in CAPS as well.

Does any experienced mixers air out - steep their FLAVORS, before using them in a mix? Like when you first get them, BEFORE you use them.


Thanks for clarifying. Before you get more wisdom I’ll toss in my 2 cents. The Customer Service Guy who is trying to prevent a return is less qualified than the Perfumist who made the flavoring perfect in his skilled mind. Alcohol is a carrier like PG for certain flavors. So it is as intended by it’s designer. I may even crystallize in the bottle if you evaporate what is used to dissolve it.


Yup. Words are hard. Nope. Never herd anybody doing that.


The CS rep has been very helpful, he is sending me a replacement ASAP. I just wrote him back to confirm that his recommendation was “4 days with cap off” BEFORE using the flavor. When I try to google this odd topic, all I get are steeping AFTER links, I’ve done my homework on that topic. But I see your logic, why would you want to evaporate it beforehand. I’ll report back if I get any clarification. So for now, I put the caps on the only two I have so far. Thanks.

every time you open a flavor molecules escape and you lose some of that flavor , the flavor will actually change i believe tpa has a section on their website that talks about this

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I steep my mixed juices cap on but the first three or four days I will take the cap off and squeeze the air out of the bottle two or three times then recap and return to the steep cabinet. I never steep flavors. I pull what I need and recap them.