Cream Fresh or Fresh Cream

I see a lot of recipes that call for FA Cream Fresh… is that actually Cream Fresh or is that really Fresh Cream flavor? As an example Cream n lil Honey I can not locate a FA Cream Fresh ingredient only Fresh Cream.

Cream Fresh (FA) is likely the same as Fresh Cream (FA) - The name on the original Italian bottles say “Cream Fresh”, so that’s what we went with :slightly_smiling:


I only saw it called cream fresh at one vendor. And I can’t remember where that was.


Thx @daath I have it listed as Cream Fresh also in the recipes I have been wanting to try and keep looking to try and get some… I have FA’s Fresh Cream but never made these recipes thinking I was missing a main ingredient (Cream Fresh is like a sour cream as you are probably aware and would be totally different than a fresh cream).
Thanks for clarifying that for this poor ol’ easily confused person… lol

I’ve been debating over grovelling to you for a sample of your Cream and lil Honey juice since I had been going crazy not finding that “Cream Fresh”. I do notice most users use the Cream Fresh listing and not the Fresh Cream listing for that ingredient.

I don’t think Flavour Art makes a Fresh Cream? Catalan, Vienna, Irish, and Whipped - and then the Cream Fresh…


BullCity - Fa Fresh Cream

Pretty sure that is just Cream Fresh (FA) - Two reasons: Fresh Cream doesn’t exist on the Italian site - or well, they have changed it ON the label, not on the site… and BCV doesn’t have Cream Fresh :slightly_smiling: Image is even the same (on the label):

lol :smiley:

Bottom line: They’re one and the same! :smiley:

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nods… looking at Bullcity description it also says… "Cream Fresh - Flavor of cream. Concentrated flavoring from FlavourArt (FA). Recommended to start testing at 1%."
After having been to 35 or 40 different countries I probably should have known better lol

hahah the confusion is total :smiley: but clearer now!

PM me your address.

Done… let me know what you’d like in exchange if you decide to do it.

No worries man. I have a bunch of that juice made up.

And it is WONDERFUL. :slightly_smiling:

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Listening to the pod cast from Wayne right now… awaiting your audio chatter g


Parli inglese?? Where does the adjective go?

Anywhere is fine, OK! :wink: :it:

It wouldn’t be an issue if crème fraîche wasn’t a different thing from fresh cream.

Nods, that is where my confusion was also… lol… thought one of the forum chefs would have chimed in about that lol

HERE! Haha Fresh Cream FA and Cream Fresh FA are the same as stated. I actually have a bottle that says one and another, the other. If I had to wager a guess, it’s just different companies that rebottle and it gets changed somewhere down the line (Kind of like INW Nugat, 1 place is Nugat and another Nougat)

As far as Fresh Cream vs Creme Fraiche goes, completely different, even though it translates to the same title. In the states, creme Fraiche is basically a sour cream, slightly thinner than a store bought sour cream with a higher Ph (Of around 4 1/2 for those playing the technical game)

It really depends on the country though but the majority of creme fraiche is just a fermented cream, as where a fresh cream is just that.

I haven’t read this thread, so I hope that gives insight OR I am talking about something you guys aren’t hehe

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I think we’re all on the same page. :slightly_smiling:

I wonder if you added citric acid to FA Fresh Cream if you’d get something like a Creme Fraiche? Toss in a little Bilberry and Cookie and call it a blueberry crepe? :stuck_out_tongue:

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lol… I was thinking the same thing but thought it would make butter milk lol