Cream steep in a mixed recipe

How long do you let your creams sit for in a mixed recipie?? I always use a 3 week rule but what is your rules? Or the rules for a good cream to come out??


If It is a fruit with a touch of cream…yeah 2 weeks is a good place to try out a mix. For a heavy weighted cream and a touch of fruit I personally would wait closer to 3-4 weeks…and closer to the 4 week mark.

But that is me and a lot I think depends on what your using for your cream and final result.


3 weeks should be ok depending on the cream.

I usually steep for 1 week, try it, another week and try it again. If I feel it needs more, I will just keep trying it weekly.

I do my testers in 30ml mixes for creams and custards so I can test for as long as necessary.


It’s for my fruit recipies if its anything to do with custard or desserts I have to let them rest for 30 days but in my fruit recipes I wanted to know about. It’s usually a sweet cream or buttercream
I should’ve been more specific. I apologize.


Some of my custard mixes stay steeping for 3 months or more. It’s amazing how much better they get with aging.

If I do say a strawberry & cream mix, I will start testing from 4 days and try it at least twice a week to see how it’s developing. Really does depend on which cream it is.


@lanc13 Agreed


No apologies needed. My answer stands depending on how much cream you are using.

The statement fro above regarding testing mixes is true. Test your mix at various intervals. In my younger days of mixing I would recommend testing at 2-3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 4 weeks for most mixes. Without testing you won’t really really know.

At this stage in mixing for me I often don’t touch anything anyways until 4-6 weeks. Currently I mix every 2 weeks, 15-28 bottles (15ml-30ml), and rotate through 30-45 bottles. I pull from the front of the stack and place fresh mixes to the back.

Granted, you need to have enough bottles to do this…t if you buy 6 bottles on every flavor order you stash will grow very quick when ordering glass.


@ladycrooks I’m with @Chrispdx on this one.


I know this…I have 75 15ml glass clear bottles for that reason. But theyre so much better.


THIS! Thank you. I’m fairly new to mixing but I’m discovering that 15 mls for most recipes aren’t cutting it. I was debating using 30 mls. I’m glad I came across this!