CREAM Vapor gone, cumulus cloning?

They’re a company based out of Tempe Arizona and the flavour is a cucumber, tart raspberry, sweet spearmint. It sounds kind of weird but it’s been my adv for like 6 years, at least. I love it.

When I moved back to the U.K. I had to have friends start sending it, which just become a lot more difficult.

Now when looking online any place that ever had it (that I ordered from) doesn’t even list it, the other sites show out of stock, their website is parked, their socials haven’t been posted to in two years. It just looks like they’re gone. If anyone has any info I’d be grateful.

I have 400ml left, not much, and I need to start seeing if I can clone it I guess. It’s going to be VERY difficult to clone IMO, because it’s extremely unique. Nothing particularly cucumber about it, just a light base , different heats bring out different levels of spearmint and raspberry. I’m struggling to know where to start. So advice on that would be great too!

I think my adv company, CREAM VAPOR, is gone and now I have to figure out how to clone , if possible. Looking for confirmation if they’re gone. Or advice on trying to copycat.


100% honest?
99.99999% chance that you’ll never be able to nail it down for an exact clone.

However, the good news is that you can come up with something that is good enough to put a smile on your face and ease the pain of your loss.

Assuming you are going to be soloing this endeavor, the following is the method that’s served me best:

Start by STOPPING using your favorite ADV as an ADV immediately.
400ml isn’t going to last long to have something to test against (as you try to chase the ‘magic’ combination of flavors/brands).

  1. Set aside a time where you have strong mental focus, then take a small sample to vape to pick out the dominant (primary) flavor. (Which sounds like cucumber in this situation)

  2. Order several different brands of the dominant flavor. Test them against each other. (I prefer to do this simultaneously, easier to note the differences when doing it all the same day. Much harder when there are days or weeks in between. But do whatever you need to do!)

  3. Once you’ve isolated the key flavor(s) that make up the dominant flavor in your ADV, then repeat the above for each additional flavor (layer). Order several raspberry. Test them against each other. Find the one(s) that fit the bill.

  4. Once you have the flavors you think your ADV is comprised of, “the hard part” is done.

  5. The next issue is finding the right balance (or how the recipe creator layered the flavors to work together). Sounds simple, but again, if you truly love it, you’ll find it worthwhile in putting in the work needed to get something you’ll enjoy! :wink:

  6. Start with your primary flavor, and get it to the percentage you need it to be.

  7. Take the result of #6, and grab the next most dominant flavor (assuming either the spearmint or the raspberry).

  8. Once you think you have the right ratio of primary to secondary flavor, only then would I recommend adding another flavor. This way you balance it to the existing two.

Of course, you can take part of it, all of it, or none of the above (it is DIY after all :wink: ) and try whatever you like! grins

I do hope that you get lucky and find a solid base to start from! It’s always nice to shorten the process where you can.
Plenty of good people here to try and help.


That’s some fantastic advice on which steps to take. Thanks so much.


I sat down today and cloned this perfectly in five mixes.

I was SHOCKED how easy it was to get this right, 3 ingredients that they put on the label in the description.

If any flavour percentages are off it’s by .25% or less, something negligible.

Functionally it’s identical, based on a 100 drop test.

I am sure I can refine this if I needed to when I make my first 100ml , but given it’s almost identical (in a blind test my partner couldn’t tell the difference and neither could I) i don’t think it’s necessary to do any more.

It could also be that any very slight difference is steeping and nicotine.

Awesome! Also I have spent so much money on this juice in the last 7 years. Knowing I could have cracked this out and saved thousands is slightly frustrating- but offset by the fact I don’t have to worry abo it losing my adv

Thanks for the advice!


Got it entered. Very simple. No need to steep. There’s an 80% version there for those who want a bit less flavour; but this is the one that’s right. Steeping makes little to no difference as you can read in the notes.