Creams and Custards

No matter how much I change the %’s it’s all I taste, no other flavors come through at all, even after 2-6 weeks steep. What can I do?

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At what percentages do you used it?

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You should give us a little more info to work with. Can you give us some example recipes? (just post the links to a couple recipes you’ve tried).

Have you tried any recipes without custard? Do you pick up on the other flavors then?
Have you tried some recipes with only 1 or 2% custard (or a cream) and mostly other type of flavors?
Can you post the link to your flavor stash as well?



I can in about an hour, the recipes though were mustard milk and mother unicorn milk, which is Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) & Bavarian Cream, Sweet Cream, Vanilla Custard v1 all TPA. I can also update my stash in about an hour as that’s when I’m off work, I’ve accumulated a large number of flavors and fell behind on ever putting them all on here.

There’s 3 quick ones

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Just from the little info you’ve given me, all I can say is that you should start doing some single flavor testing (SFT) to find out what works for you.

After a long break, I started mixing a couple recipes with TPA VBIC again. It was always giving me a peppery taste, that’s why I had a long break away from it.
I adapted a recipe where it was used at 6 or 8% and turned it down to 2%… it was still the main flavor I got in the final recipe. Some flavor are way over used IMO, but then again, different people taste different things and it’s up to you to find out how stuff works for you.

When you’re doing SFT, you soon find out how strong you’ll want a certain flavor. People always recommend looking at the flavor pages and going by the median use of a flavor but it doesn’t work for every flavor for every mixer, there are always exceptions.

And if you don’t like a certain brand of a flavor concentrate, try one from another brand. And keep in mind that creams and custards usually get thicker and stronger in a steep, while other flavors like fruits will lose their strength and sometimes fade away completely with a long steep.
If you really want a strong custard or cream, you might want to steep that first and add you fruity flavors (and nicotine in case you use it) just 2 or 3 days before you start vaping it.

There are a lot of fruity flavors (like strawberry ripe from tpa) that contain loads of ethyl maltol. Using too much of that in your mix will also mute your flavors, so be careful if you try to steep that. It may be good right from a shake and vape and 2 weeks later taste of nothing but some sweet stuff.

I’ve got the same problem you have with the posted recipes. For me it’s VBIC TPA that ruins it in mustard milk. The strawberry milkshake is generally way too much flavor. Try some recipes with around 10% flavor and see what difference that makes…


Alright thanks, & it’s really only these I struggle with, honest I don’t even like creams and custards. There’s just a lot of decent sounding ones I’ve found I was looking to try, maybe I’ll have to stick to fruity until I’m more comfortable with what I’m doing.


If you get the creams and custards right, they can be really nice. It is worth figuring out what works for you… and try different types of creams and custards from different brands to find out what you like. Creams are often responsible for a little bit of a thicker mouthfeel and it’s not for nothing that vanilla is by far the most popular flavor in the world.

But like you, I never liked any of the mustard, unicorn, mothers, god and whatever other milk recipes that are dominating the top recipes. If you can look passed that, you’ll find some real gems that are a lot more subtle.

In the early stages I ordered a lot of flavors from Capella and TPA, simply because most recipes asked for them, but now I’m much happier with brands like DIY Flavor Shack, FlavourArt, Flavorah and some others… it’s well worth expanding your horizons a little, try and test a lot and don’t give up if you have a few disappointments :wink: