Creams that dont need to steep (much)

A question for experienced or maybe not so experienced?

(Shhhhh…in a hushed voice… it’s a secret)

You guys remember the Real Flavor’s sale? Don’t tell Walt but I have this shipment of Walt’s sample stuff coming in today and I want to mix and test this stuff by the end of the day.

I got the fruit pack and the bakery pack and I’m going to need to add some cream and sweetener to these to test them. What cream, cheese cake or custard doesn’t need steep time?

(I always steep everything but today I want to cheat)


I think fa whipped cream is pretty decent without a long steep.
And I personally like real flavors vanilla custard sc after a short steep, but it’s heavy on the vanilla before it mellows.


Check! I’m just pulling them out of the drawer until the Fedex truck gets in the driveway…


you are going to want to steep his super concentrates I have a few and I couldn’t get shit for flavor from them and bo darc has a review on flavors I own saying 2 percent when I had to go all the way to 7 percent just for a weak flavor so I am gonna test it at the suggested 2 percent with a long steep because I was under the impression that the super concentrates didn’t need a long steep and that just isn’t the case because they are made with alcohol not pg/vg so the alcohol needs to evaporate the only problem is I am convinced it takes some of the flavor during the evaporation process. but I did order 6 more with the 6 free 1 oz bottles of super concentrates he was doing last week so I haven’t given up yet


Thanks for joining in the discussion! Did you heat them at all or do any kind of ultrasonic or magnetic stirring on them?

I heated my vg/pg to 160 degrees and added it to my flavor base and let it cool before I added nicotine

I really like the pancake I feel its the most authentic pancake available all the other taste like maple syrup and not pancakes but I literally had to go all the way to 7 percent single flavor before I could taste anything and I started at 2 percent and kept going up until 7percent and it was still kind of weak

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Hmmm… ok. That’s good information to have. Do you know the link to Mr. Bo Darcs review?

scroll down its in the main section people have been adding to it for months now its a very long thread

it is called real flavors sc tasting notes it isn’t far down the page it gets new stuff added all the time

Cool! Thanks! I’m gonna go grab that review.

I put vodka and water in my VG base when I mix the base that sits for weeks. (to break down and thin the VG to begin with) I’m thinking if these are alcohol based… hmmm… for my mix it might just need a little heat and an ultrasonic shake? I’m gonna try it and let you guys know what happens.

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I am waiting on 6 new ones today myself but we are in the middle of a blizzard right now so it might be a few days lol. but I have rice crispy treat and pancake. I ordered graham cracker, honeydew melon, cookies and cream, oatmeal cookies, baklava, and butter toffee on there way I cant wait either but I want to see this 2 percent magic they talk about the two I have already definetly aren’t a 2 percent single flavor they both need at liest 5%

That’s crazy. I did my tester at 1.5% and got decent flavor. I usually do my RF SC recipes (or single flavor batches) at 3.5%. I got some 3.5% French Toast in rotation right now that I made at the end of October.

@Maureeenie they need a 3 - 4 week steep IME. I always test mine the next day, then once or twice a week as they steep, and they don’t really come into their own until at least 3 or 4 weeks.


Sorry about the snow! (Im always sorry about snow)

I was just reading some of that thread you mentioned. Walt himself said 2.7 when he was running the thread on the sale but personal experience is better information.

When I first started mixing I could not get anything right until I started adding the vodka. Alcohol does break that VG down and get that flavor blended in there. I think I will start at 3% with one and 5% with another and do a couple of tests. I will let that alcohol gas off overnight…

This is going to be an experiment for sure. You and @Too_tall… both use PG?

I mix at 70vg/30pg

Instead of single flavor testing I whipped up some 10ml 2.5% single flavor testers and have been adding those to steeped existing recipes …fastest way for me to get a hint at how these would taste, but others were surprisingly good. French Toast seemed least friendly to this 0Day (no steep) single flav add technique.

Coconut Spiced Rum added to some Sugar Rush? Yummers. Strawberry (SC) (RF) added to anything …YUM. A little (about 0.5%) Toasted Blend (Oak Wood) added to aged Custard …very promising and tasty. Apple Pie added to Unicorn Milk …wham. I super excited about my 21 new RF super concentrates. More details posted to proper thread soon …mixing RF subbed recipes today


ya that must have been my problem I was fgiving my impression without a steep. I figured I just needed to steep longer. I am just coming from the train of thought that all the concentrates I have with a less than 5% single flavor I can at liest taste on day one but real flavor sc pancake and rice crispy treat are non exsistant at 2% so I am going to make a few recipes and I will use it at a lower level and see if a good long steep will help the situation its just strange how a strong flavor can be so weak in the first day


You’re awesome! Thanks! Now where is that truck!?:truck:

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yes!!! this is the other reason I wanted that toasted blend. Should go nicely in my soul custardy (bourbon, butter toffe & brown sugar) custard adaptation I tested that I need to mix up a big batch of