Creamy Butterscotch Custard Flan recipe ideas?

Hi all,

Not sure if I’m on the right place here to ask this but let me give it a go and see what materializes . I recently bought a some juice at my local vape store that I tried and wow was it good. The only hint I have is that it contains the following…

Creamy Butterscotch custard flan with hints of cookie and tobacco…

I’m new to diy but have been successful with basic flavours. Please help me with some ideas… I love creamy sweet custard flavours. Vanilla custard etc.


Sounds yummy! Have changed the title to try and get you some help - hope that’s okay?

What concentrates do you have that might be a starting point? Can you post a link to your flavor stash?


Hello and welcome to ELR!
If I understand clear you don’t want to clone but you want to make somethink similar right?
If so.

A nice creamy Butterscotch is the the Butterscotch Ripple FW (FlavorWest)

The only one I have vape is Cookie FA (Flavor Art) and is good but I see many people here they prefer Cookie from Inawera.

That is a chapter by it’s own. Is so many alternatives out there.
I have use RY4 Double TPA and Virginia FA with butterscotch and both are taste but complete different.

I have this recipe which is WIP (work in progress) but it is good. But I have to make change like Butterscotch at 4% Virginia at 1.5%. Needs 40 days steep.


Thanks for the prompt responses wow. I don’t have the nessesory right now but planning this week to get what I need.
This is what I have left now at the moment.

(Raspberry) (Cap)
Peach (TPA)
Bavarian Cream
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA)
Peanut Butter (TPA)
Sweetener (Sucralose/Maltol) (TPA)
Vanilla Swirl

Will try what was suggested and see how it turns out.


If you like to give it a custard taste don’t forget to buy Vanillia Custard CAP (Capella) :wink:


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@Sprkslfly has done some serious work with butterscotches, this might be a good starting point for you:

To get that flan/caramel/cookie/tobacco part I’d (personally for my tastes) start with something like:
-sprk’s base
-Inawera custard (2%ish)
**-fw salted caramel (for a lighter almost saucy caramel, 2%ish) or fa caramel (for a darker caramel under 1%)
-cap sugar cookie (2-3%) or maybe some graham cracker
-tobacco (there are so many choices, I’d suggest you read up on flavor descriptions and see if you can find something that sounds like what you want. If I had to recommend one it would be Purilum Sweet Tobacco, it would work well with the cookie part. It has a graham cookie kind of thing going on.)

**I just realized your description didn’t say anything about caramel…lol I guess I added that in my head because it sounded good. Take or leave that part. :wink:


It sound good to me too! :+1: