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Who doesn’t love clicking that button - in any application.

Something about the fresh new document thing that’s always appealed to me, even knowing it’s not an actual document and nothing special at all - I can create as many new documents as I want, after all, yet there it is… CLICK.

Oh right, the point of the post…

I’ve started a new Excel spreadsheet to write down mixes I like and work them into recipes without all the bullshit scribbling that goes with hard-copy paper notes and a pen or pencil: not that I don’t love actually writing things down, but paper doesn’t allow you to simply backspace something to change it and paper sure as shit don’t run formulae of any numbers you want then cascade those changes down the page all neat and perfect.

If anyone knows of any better application for mixing, feel free to enlighten me though excel is the most open, freely customizable way of dealing with organizing numbers that I’m aware of.


Thanks to Excel, I’ve now got myself two sheets: one for recipes and another that’s pretty much just a list to record the ‘date of birth’ of each bottle I mix, along with columns for name, a summary of flavours, approximately how many millimetres are in each bottle and the mg/mL nicotine strength.

That’ll help me keep track since I’ve already used eight of the ten little 50mL plastic bottles I got the other day and all the little fuckers are exactly the same so I also stuck a tag on each bottle so I don’t have to be opening the lids every time I wanna switch mixes.

And, arguably more awesome than either spreadsheet: I’ve created my first recipe that’s measured and can be reproduced - a plain vanilla custard, of course.

Not only the flavours are percentages though: every last milligram in the mix has been accounted for and every* value recorded af a percentage - from exactly 70% VG to the 12% salt and 6% freebase to percentages for each of the flavours, such total only 12% to the 70% VG and 18% dual nicotine bases (6% freebase and 12% salt) - all percentages of that 100% total, which can be anything of course as in my case, 30mL.

After doing it all on paper before even opening a bottle and mixing the mix the total - which adds up to precisely 100% and 30.00mL on paper - amounted to 29.54 grams or so, which is not only pretty close but allows me room for a few drops of Sweet Honey or Sweetener to finish the recipe off, if I decide it needs it later.

It’s nothing outstanding fresh mixed, but it’s so heavy on the creamy flavours I didn’t expect it to taste as it should until it’s steeped at least a few days.

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Offline recipe calculator. Has the ability to import ELR recipes directly into the application. No more taking notes a writing things down, unless you want to change something. Also supports inventory tracking and pricing.


is there any way to install that without Zip ? i don’t have it and i’m not buying it.


Any ZIP progtam should work. Most are free.


@jinx_d @TorturedZen totally glad there was no Boss Reserve in stock now: forcing me to go with flavours instead.

The terrible in-house flavour brands I had before that made me figure that was normal for flavourings and I’d have to order another hundred to find even one worth having.

First order of quality flavourings though, and there’s honestly not a single one of the ten I don’t like.

Some a subtle, like the milk and barrel oak, but those aren’t meant to be overpowering and the actual taste of both is excellent: not a wrong note in any of them.

Fuck, I’m still happily vaping the Pudding Base as a solo ADV and I love that enough to allow the milk/creamy mixes to steep/age, though I’ve avoided using it in mixes because it’s got such a distinct lemon pudding flavour for one, and I want to keep some flavours out of some mixes so other mixes taste mm, different.

Be trying a banana cream tonight: I’ve only tasted the banana in a quick hodge podge mix I did when I first got the flavours, but it’s very nice compared to the other - more candy-strong banana - I have.

The Shisha Banana is a much more mellow flavour and even though I overused iiiiiiiiit in that first mix by a few percent and after steeping a week it’s still not taking over the mix at all - just hanging between the middle and background.

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I thought zip was some new online platform…

Zip compression - that’s easy…

@jinx_d: windows and mac should unzip with a simple right click on the file, but if not, there are plenty of tiny and free utilities you can download to do it.

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i am afraid to download free shit like that. i downloaded a magnifier app for the camera on my phone. if kinda fucked up my phone. i am on a pc.


Virus scanner should tell you the moment it saves to your hard drive - certainly before you try and open it - if there’s anything bad in there.

Though I admittedly don’t have any AV subscription myself so I’m nobody to talk :wink:

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At 24 hours old, custard’s tasting richer already.

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I’ve been using that ‘free shit’ for about 4 years now. It’s safe to d/l.

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