Creating a decent milkshake base

Hi all,

I’m pretty new to vaping and to forums so please be gentle with me until I find my legs :slight_smile:

I quit smoking after many years at beginning of the year (best thing I thing I’ve done although still have cravings) and soon got into the whole vaping community and found a hobby that for once I actually do enjoy.

I’ve even more recently decided to start making my own e-liquid as this also interests me as have spent a fortune on various e-liquids to try and find my ADV, I’m looking for a good vanilla/strawberry milkshake flavour (mainly vanilla) and haven’t found one I really like yet so instead of trying to find one I’ve decided to look into making one and this is where I could use some help?

I have many cream flavours but having hard time figuring out what works best with what and what not to use etc.

My latest attempt was as below so you can see where I got to:

Nicotine liquid - 48mg (100%PG) - 6.27%
PG Dilutant - 0.23
VG Dilutant - 70
Bavarian Cream (CAP) - 0.5%
Dulce de leche (TPA) - 1%
Graham Cracker v2 (CAP) - 0.5%
Super Sweet (CAP) - 2%
Toasted Marshmallow (TPA) - 6%
Vanilla (V2) .18 mg (VAPABLE)- 1.5%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (CAP) - 12%

Strength: 3mg
PG/VG-ratio: 30/70
Flavour total: 23.5%

30ml quantity to be made

I know I’m probably overdoing it on the % of some of the flavours and no doubt don’t need as many flavourings so any advice would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

Oh, by the way the biscuit in there was because I decided to change slightly and go for an Ice Cream in a cone as figured the Ice cream and Milkshake would be very similar.

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Take the Strawberry out of this recipe :slight_smile: Trust me, delicious. If you want it a little sweeter, add 2% Marshmallow.

The best milkshake mix I’ve come up with thus far was using Molinberry’s milkshake:

Even Flow

Ingredient %
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 4
Milkshake (Molinberry) 6
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 8

Flavor total: 20%

Remember to rate it at!

It needs a good steep, but after about 10 days it’s lovely and malty, really addictive and moreish. The cheesecake graham crust and sweet cream really helped to add that creamy, fluffy texture. Replace the strawberry with any fruit and it’ll be good.


Cheers guys, I’ll mix up these liquids and give them a test :slight_smile: I have most of the ingredients but might try another bath with different versions of concentrates.

Not heard of molinberry will take a look round on net for it.

Thanks again,

If you’re in the US, I know you can get molinberry flavors from VapersTek. Not sure where else.

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Try some Milky Undertones OoO and FA Condensed milk for a great milkshake base.
Amy2 has a great milkshake reciepe that I will need to hunt down again!

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thanks for all your help, its very appreciated :kissing_heart:

I’ve been working on another flavour also but this one I’ve actually taken a look at each of the ingredients (in the cake) and broken them down and getting each layer to a point where I can say that actually smells and tastes very close to it.
I poured 15ml of water into a glass of water and then added % of each flavour I wanted a bit at a time and then took a sip, then deducted or added parts of flavour until it smelt/tasted just like what I wanted, fingers crossed in a week or two of steeping it will turn out how I want it too but at the moment its smelling pretty damn tasty :slight_smile:

Will be trying out different flavours for milkshake this week, have over 100 different flavours now so should be able to get some nice juices but wont be rushing into things, will take my time on the flavours so get them right.

If you want a great ice cream base Vanilla Ice Cream (LiquidBarn) is the best that i have tried so far.

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Thanks Cagey75 I had a look today and they are based in Poland, I have vans going back and forth to Poland most days so will save on the cost of shipping, some of them look like they could be what I’m looking for so thanks for letting me know about them. When I get some I’ll try out your recipe and rate it.

Thank you!

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Hi Ken_O_Where that’s another I’ve not heard of! I will take a look, thank you!

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@Chewy cool I think I have those! not used them yet will give it a go, thank you!

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Hope you enjoy it as much as i do. They make some great creams but their fruits are a bit lacking.

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Remember and keep the condensed milk down very low,strong,strong stuff! 0.2% is ok without getting too prominent. Unless of course that is the profile you are looking for or prefer?

I think they were involved with inawera but broke away on their own. One of the irish vendors sticks them so I can get them pretty quickly. Only tried their tropical mango and the milkshake so far. Bith seemed weak to start but were pretty good after steeping.

@Chewy thanks I will keep this in mind thank you, I’m looking at making 30ml batches up so would this be correct % at this size?

Keep in mind that no matter what volume you mix the % will remain constant.
0.2% flavouring in 10ml will work out the same for 0.2% of say 100ml.
Obviously more flavouring is used in the 100ml but it will still be 0.2% of the overall liquid.
I hope this makes sense?

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Does it really taste like a Milkshake?

Depends on what type of milkshake you mean? I would say it’s more like original, proper milkshakes, very malty but nice and smooth. .rather than the frozen ice-cream type milkshake. Pair it with any fruit and you will indeed get that flavour milkshake. But like I said earlier, it does require some steeping to come through.

I think I want to try it!

Try 10ml, nothing to lose really :slight_smile:

let me know how you get along with it if you do. I’m ordering more myself, the strawberry milkshake I posted above is one of my partner’s favorites and she’s demanding more :smiley: but I’m all out of milkshake atm

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