Creating stones and adding to flave stash

hello ifanyone could help im trying to figure out how to use the calculator to make a stone and then add to flavor stash , the warning keeps coming up as to much pg ratio ty

When you create your recipe, set the desired PG to 100% (unless you are using VG flavors and then set it to 100% VG). Make sure your desired strength is set to 0 and your Nic base is set to 0. Then you’ll have to make sure your flavor %s add up to 100.

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after that how do i add to flavor stash , from my recipe btw ty

I create mine like a normal recipe.

Then I click the blue wrench and click "create flavor base, it will do the math for you…

“Copy simple text” and Add to stash…

how does it become a flavor i could put in my stash , so when i use it at 2% or whatever while adding flavors to recipe it calculates for me

You can just add it to your flavor stash as something like “Custardstone” or “Strawberry Base” or whatever you decide to name it. Just make sure you put the name on your bottle. :wink:

You can do like PV said and create it as a normal recipe and then make a flavor base, but you can’t save that by itself so make sure you hang on to the original recipe. Name it the same as your base so you know what it is. :slight_smile:

so then i could use in recipe between 1 to 5 percent when adding flavor and the calculator will do the rest ???

thank you , its so simple i was over thinking , i was confused because when i put in cake stone i didnt know which one i should put as option but i cant really bc it doesnt exist in any other stash or from any other company happy 4th of july i hope everyone will be safe and have fun

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i will be trying to make a cherry custard cupcake vape juice

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last question , do stones need to steep , if so how long usually would either of you suggest

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I think @Ken_O_Where steeps his bases. I imagine it wouldn’t hurt. The longer the better.

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I find it easier to create stones from flavor combos in recipes. If I nail a flavor… Blueberry, Strawberry, Milkshake, Cake… etc. I will adapt it and eliminate all the other flavors except for the key flavors I need for my flavor base. Then I create a base from those key flavors.

Then I added a sweetener and enhancer to hype the flavor even more. I ended up with this…

The best strawberry I’ve tasted.


I certainly do, a month to two months depending on what it contains.