Critique my Newby First Order. PART TWO

I’m making a Part Two of “Critique my Newby first order” hoping it may help other Beginners in the future, AND to hopefully get a few more comments from all the great people who shared their knowledge and wisdom with me in the first part. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL !!

In Part Two, I am posting my actual purchase items with total cost and some comments as well.

I will end up placing my order with Nicotine River. I originally wanted to place my order with Liquid Barn because they offered grown in the USA tobacco for their 100% pure USA Liquid Nicotine. What’s the big deal? I was concerned by many comments on ELR that talked about “peppery” and “throat hit” nicotine. My goal was to get the purest nicotine available… right or wrong. HOWEVER, Liquid Barn is SOLD OUT of all quantities of their USA Liquid Nicotine.

For me, a beginner, I found it easiest to navigate BullCity, NicRiver and LiquidBarn websites. I tried other sites, but for varying reasons, ended up with these 3 for ease of ordering and One Stop Shopping.

I found everything on my list at NicRiver except my scale (LB-501 about $38 - Free Shipping) and 15 Ml plastic bottles. These will come from Ebay.

It was suggested to me several times in my original post to “Buy a gallon! of VG” No, I said, I have a budget! BUT it turned out that buying a full gallon of VG was only a few dollars more so yep, got me a gallon of VG.

Comments and critique still welcomed!

So here’s my purchase list, total cost (Not including cost of the scale): $76.18 - FREE SHIPPING.

VG: 1 Gallon
PG: 500 Ml
Nic. Base in PG; 100 Mg/Ml - 250 Ml.
30 Ml Squeeze Bottles with cap (10)
100, 250 and 500 Ml Glass Beakers
10 Ml Syringes with Blunt Tip Needles (2)
8 Oz. “Cylinders” (Plastic Bottles) with twist caps (2)
2 Oz. “Bullet Bottle” with twist cap (1)
1.5 Ml Pipettes (10)
FLAVORS: (Lots more on the flavors and suggestions from experienced mixers on the first part “Critique my Newby first order” post)
Vanilla Custard V1 - 1 OZ. - Capella
New York Cheesecake V1 - 10 Ml - Capella
French Vanilla V1 - 10 Ml - Capella
Vanilla Swirl - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Sweet Cream - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Strawberry Ripe - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Strawberry - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
RY4 Double - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Cotton Candy - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Cheesecake and Graham Crust - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Bavarian Cream - 10 Ml - Flavor Apprentice
Banana Cream - 20 Ml - Flavor Apprentice

Comments? Thanks again to everyone helping me out!


Besides removing two flavors from your original post and adding some bottles and increasing your pg and vg, I don’t really see anything else that is different.

Also you could have just posted in the same thread, no need to make a new one.

People have suggested a lot of things in the original thread, especially fruit flavors which you are lacking and you didn’t seem to take any notice of that.

There is nothing to comment on from here really, since you have placed the order?

Personally, if you are buying TFA flavorings from Nicotine River, I would go for the 2oz rather than the 10ml option. 2oz is only slightly more expensive but gives a whole lot more. I’m talking about the two strawberries mainly. But that’s just me.


My recommendation would be more bottles and a 200-300 pack of pipettes! I ordered 100 30ml bottles and they lasted quite some time, but when I ordered small quantities I found myself ordering more rather quickly! The rest looks legit for now though! Except I don’t see caps sugar cookie on your list! Also inawera biscuit and FA caramel!


Awesome! I’ve been vaping for about 6 years, but recently decided to start mixing my own juices. I just got done reading through your first First Order thread, and there was a lot of good info on there. I’ve already ordered a gallon of VG, a quart of PG, the 501 scale which arrived today, and the 100mg nicotine. I’m just having a tough time choosing flavors to get started. Have a few in my shopping cart, but am afraid to pull the trigger. $100 is still $100, so don’t want to get a bunch of stuff I won’t end up using. We spend about $150 a month just on store bought e-juice, so want to try and save some money by mixing our own. One thing I’m having a hard time finding is a candy apple recipe. I’ve found dozens of caramel apple recipes, but not a single red candy apple one. So not sure what to order to try and make it. That’s was the wife’s one request. Go figure… Very happy to see you started a part 2 to the First Order thread. Thanks a bunch.


Thanks Kenbu. I debated about putting this in the first thread, but thought a new one might be ok. You’re right, should have just continued that thread.

No, I haven’t ordered yet.

Yes, There were several comments about adding fruit flavors to the list. As I mentioned before, I am VERY new to vaping. I’ve tried several store bought brands and the only one that really lit my fuse was Cuttwood Unicorn Milk.

I thought the Uni Milk had strawberry, vanilla, custard and banana type flavors, so I searched for 2 and 3 flavor recipes that had those flavors. I added a few more flavors to the list that I found on those recipes.

I am going to add a few more flavors, just haven’t decided which. And I will take your advice on increasing the two strawberry flavors.

My original flavors were all 30 Ml, and some people suggested getting 10 Ml instead, so that’s what I did.

I also appreciate your advice on getting a gallon of VG. Didn’t know it was only a few bucks more!

Thanks again.


Wow! You are going to save a TON of cash once you get the kinks ironed out. As far as flavors, yes that’s my weak point. If you post a list on here or ask for help, you will get it! The more experienced mixers have been very kind in trying to straighten out my Newby thinking, and recommending what to buy. Best wishes!


Welcome to the rabbit hole. Y’all never have enough flavors. There always be another you want to try so don’t try and get them all at one time. Because there will be lots more orders you will make in the future.

My desk after almost 1yr of DIY (APR 27 will be 1 year)

My order tonight

The important part about this DIY experience is

Have fun
Enjoy your new hobby
Enjoy life

Enjoy vaping juice you make


Wasn’t sure if I’d be using the pipettes much since I ordered a syringe and blunt tips also. The “cap. sugar cookie” look good, may add that to my list. Thanks!


If you are mixing by weight. Did you know you can mix right into your bottle. No need for pipets beakers and the like. Especially when mixing 15/30/60ml bottles. In two years I have used 4 syringes to measure nic. Flavors come with dispensing tips to most until you order 4oz bottles. My clean up at the end is to wipe down the counter and clean the syringe with water-soap water-water- then distilled water rinse.

To give you an idea.

This is my steep drawer.


You’ll get tired of the syringes real quick! Having to rinse them all the time and dry them! The pipettes are super handy for everything when mixing! Have fun!


Awesome set up man! Thanks for your advice and good will.


Awesome steep drawer! I really don’t need 3 beakers, and the syringes aren’t needed at all. Thanks.


Note to self: Ditch the syringes. Thanks.


i think you are going to regret not buying more fruit flaves but i guess you can buy that later , apple , blueberry , lemon , orange , maybe a mixed fruit like Cap harvest berry or FA forest fruit , you dont really have to buy the guava or honeydew which i would recommend Cap sweet guava and Tpa Honeydew , but by having nore fruits you can develope a wider selection of fruits and cream vape mixes which imo is what unicorn milk is basically a straw and cream , also id suggest buying a graham cracker , biscuit , cookie type flave


Everyone is saying “more fruit flavors”. I’m working on that. I have a graham cracker, and will add a cookie type too. Thank you.


The only reason why we say more fruit is because there is only so much straight strawberry one can do before getting flavor fatigue. There willl be a point when strawberry getting boring and flat.

Do I have my own simple strawberry custard mix. Yup. And I only give myself 30mls once a month. Same with homedew, lime, and so on. That steep drawer represents a different recipie im screwing around with along with adv’s mixed in. I never get bored and I’m always happy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Starting out you may not be that far down the rabbit hole but having 5 different profiles availed weekly will keep you happy. I can promise you that.


oops didnt see " everyone say that

oops didnt see a graham cracker my bad ill shut up


I ordered 100 pipetts, so far I used 20 of them. Since u r using a scale, why not just drop the liquid into the bottles and mesure by weight? I use 1 syringe for nicotine. Vg and pg from liquid barn come with a top cam which u can also drop into the bottle.


Please don’t take me wrong. I was just pointing out that others said I need more flavors too. I’m looking right now for a cookie flavor like you suggested.


For fruits, I suggest:
Blueberry extra tpa
Blueberry wild tpa
Mango tpa
Dragonfruit tpa
Honeydew tpa
Watermelon tpa

And add
Vanilla bean ice cream tpa.

Thank me later :grin: