Crock Pot Steep

Hello Vapers!

Has anyone used this for steeping? Or do you recommend anything? I’m looking for something small:

Crock-Pot CSC019 Lunch Warmer 600ml, Grey & Yellow

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That would probably get way too hot, it is designed to reheat food to safe eating temperature.
“Cooking at temperatures between 70° and 100°C kills most bacteria”

@Walt_RealFlavors Suggested in another post of staying at or below 45°C.
I would recommend a low powered (15watt or less) candle/cup warmer (line the bottom of a mug with a small cloth to avoid direct heat, and fill with water, then set your bottle in until it reaches temp, use a thermometer), or something with a digital temperature setting to be safe.

Thanks for the info! Would something like this be suitable:

Also how long would I need to leave it steeping for at that temp?

I perfer something more like this; Cup Warmer with hi/low setting
it is only 9w so even on high setting, it will most likely be safe, but also has a low setting so if you have to leave and want to let it set longer, you can safely…

I use one from a second hand store on warm setting. Not low. Low still gets a bit hot :slight_smile: I paid $5.00 for mine.