Crock pot steeping how long?

I am in the process of steeping a fresh mix I just don’t know how long to do it I am shaking it every 15 minutes and putting it back in the crock pot I have done it 3 times for 45 minutes bathing time

When steeping time is probably the best method for steeping…

Now with that said. I used to heat my mixes in hot water, boiling water and crockpot… but even then it was just enough to thin th vg for mixing…

Now when I do heat I use my heated mag mixer to heat the vg and pg to 140 degrees while mixing then let cool and then add flavors…

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thank you yeah I have always done it the same way I’m just trying this for the first time just to see how it comes out

I’m going to do a test next mixing session.

Add ingredients
Drop in a stirring magnet and seal container
Heat to 140°F in a Sous Vide bath
Stir magnet 1/2 hour
1/2 hour in a U. S. Cleaner @ 60°C
Cool and unseal

Results TBD


I’ve found this method works well:

Put the VG in a bottle
Warm the VG in a cup of hot water until viscosity is similar to PG
Add Flavours / PG
Screw on lid and roll the bottle back and forth to create a marbled effect
Chuck in a dark cupboard for x amount of time
Add Nic and shake 1 hour before vaping