Crown Mini

Hey everyone!

I’m just curious if anyone knows anything about the crown mini? I haven’t bought anything in ages, but I had received an email from Uwell regarding their worldwide sweepstakes to win one of a 1000 crown minis. So I entered twice with 2 emails.

Well today I just found out I won, twice! It appears I have the ability, against huge odds, of winning vape stuff sweepstakes?! If only this ability carried over to winning $$$$ :wink:

Anyways, I know nothing about this tank and I actually haven’t even seen it yet. Anyone?


I won as well! I haven’t been able to find any pictures or info on it either, I’m stoked to get it :slight_smile:



please let me know how they are i love the original


I received both of my Crown minis that I won today :slight_smile:
Exactly as advertised, a miniature version of the original! The thing I was extremely happy to see is, they use the original crown coils! So that means the 50 coils sent me by accident, can now be used on these tanks as well :slight_smile:
The mini comes with their .25 installed and an additional .50 as backup. There really is no reason to dig any deeper on production, since it is quite literally the same tank, just with 3ml capacity and not the 5ml.
For me this tank is perfect for using as my juice tester, allowing me to change flavors more often.
Other than that, here is a picture of the package, as well as, a side by side comparison with the original…
(Excuse the pictures, I am at work and was a bit rushed)


NICE i am jealous if you to sell one id be more than happy to buy one , i havent found one online since your first post


That’s awesome! Congrats! You got sent 50 crown coils for free? Wow. All I use is a crown and I know them coils cost quite a bit! That’s great!


I got mine today too. Exact replica of the OG just in mini form. I haven’t used it yet, but the original crown is my all time favorite,and I prefer smaller tanks. I’m very excited to try it. The coils look exactly the same, juice holes same position and size. The coil on the left is an original crown coil, the right is the .5 that came with the mini. The seal on the bottom of the new coil is gray, original is black. That’s the only difference I saw.

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Performs just like the OG too :slight_smile: I like the small factor a lot, but man this thing empties uber quick! 20 good pulls and it’s time for a refill! I can fill it with just 2 full droppers from a 30ml amber bottle :slight_smile:
This is perfect for testing large batches of new mixes for me, I’m happy

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Did you get a black tank or is the lighting off? I was hoping for one of each, but I got 2 SS ones.
Also, my coils are exactly the same as the original coils, no black bottoms or alterations? IF you got a black tank, maybe they gave you black bottoms to match :smile:

Yes, I got the black one, which I’m really happy about. I had asked on my response to the winners email for them to please send me a black one if at all possible. It said they would be random colors, but I figured no harm in asking. I wonder why they kept this so under wraps. Not a peep or a picture to be found. That is rare to not be leaked :slight_smile: It’s the little silicone seal at the bottom of the coil. The one on the left is the OG and is black. The new one is grey. So not sure if it’s a newer version of the coils or they are just using different silicone seals?

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I didn’t think to ask for a specific color, since they said not to…well poop lol.
That’s strange your coils are different like that, when mine aren’t?
I agree about how quiet this all is? I figured they were going to market, but I guess not? I feel even more special now :wink:

Here’s a fun and totally pointless little tid bit of info… If you switch the drip-tips from the mini and the OG, the 2 tanks are the same height… yay :slight_smile:

If it’s like the original Crown 1 it will be like a dripper for me. I can down a tank in about 30 minutes on the OG. It can suck down the juice. Still one of my favorite tanks flavor wise.

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The problem for me is stock coils. They get you every time with them. Every tank in my opinion should come with an RBA. The companies are gettin slick with their own brand of coils fitting the device. I support them in what they stand for but now wit tax prices sky rocketing on vape gear this just adds more to the cost. I support vaping, but not gouging the customer.

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I have the RBA for the Crown. It is a bit fickle. Bit with several mods in rotation a coil can last me 3-4 weeks.

First couple of times I wicked the RBA I had no leak issues or dry hits. I’ve been stuck for a week now, about 3-4 builds on it, and dry hits from hell.

Could be the build itself friend. Maybe the wick is not getting enough juice for those dry hits.

Oh, it’s def something I’m doing wrong. I may need to go back and review a vid or two to get back right. I spent so much time learning to wick te Griffin that I lost my touch on the Crown RBA.

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