Crown Tank Help

Keeping it simple. I have a black Crown tank. Used it for one week. Now the tank leaks. Now, the majority of the leaking happens at night, mainly being unused and waking up to see a ring around the mod. I have seen multiple ways of fixing this. Fully clean. Change every oring. Fill from bottom with vent sealed. Many ways. Love the tank. Any solutions to this? I did notice the leak comes from the screw on part at bottom. Not 510 connection part. Chimney Area. There is an oring at base screw on part. Im trying to describe the best to my ability. Now I do notice also the thickest biggest oring in the package is not used. Thanks and I appreciate any input. Many reads and advice from basic forums. Just wanted to ask here, being new. Thanks

It didn’t leak and now it does, so if there’s a problem it occurred likely the first time you disassembled/reassembled. If you are cleaning in an ultrasonic or wiping with alcohol (some cleaner?) it may be getting too degreased. Squeaky clean glass and squeaky clean silicone rubber will grab. After cleaning maybe a little dab of VG on o-rings and end of chimney/glass (or just ejuice) will better allow you to tighten without the glass gripping the rubber and perhaps deforming it at the last half second of tightening.

You want to make sure it won’t leak this time so perhaps you’re cranking on it a little too much. :wink: it’s not a Harley cylinder head, just get it snug. Over-tightening can also deform the gasket.

Leaking out the bottom commonly means it’s leaking air in at the top, since a slight vacuum is what really keeps juice from flooding your coil. Until one of those little air bubbles pops up out of your coil, juice cannot flow down. If the top of the tank is allowing air in, juice is gonna leak all day …but you’re saying it only leaks at night.

Temperature… possibly getting warmed at night? Sitting near a heat source like right next to your PC/Laptop? Even a slight raise in temperature can affect that vacuum condition, creating a slight pressure instead …glycerin is volatile. Putting your mod next to your laptop fan could be like leaving it in your car on a sunny day.

stock coils or rba deck?

Stock .5 ohm unwell coils.

Check the coil first.

I have 8 crowns and that’s all that I use, so I have seen my share of leaks and for me(and a lot of others) I get my leaks from the O-ring on the coil itsdelf.

These things fall off very easily and you never notice, I even had one slip off somehow when it was already installed and in use. (still scratching my head on how that is possible)

There is a very thin ring that seals the threading to the tank, just right under the head. Double check that it is all the way up, under the head, and not rolled down towards the bottom of the coil.

If not, it could be something else haha

Thanks. I’ll check. But here’s the issue. You might know because you have 8 tanks. Haha. My backup oring set that came with the tank has a thick oring. The biggest one. I can’t find a location where this oring goes to. Maybe that’s the issue. The biggest one in the backup kit is not on the tank. Where does that one go on? Thanks

By the way. The leak is coming from the seal right above the vent holes. Not from the vent holes with spinning dial itself.

Is it where the glass part of the tank contacts the base? That is likely where the biggest o-rings are for.

Also, not sure what you mean by vent holes. Do you mean the air flow holes in the air flow control ring?

Leaks out right above the air control holes. Yes

I’ve heard people complain on facebook pages about Crown tanks leaking. I wanted one and my kid told me “No mom, it leaks”… and then I wen’t looking and there were some complaints even on the sites that sell them.

Thanks Mau. I tell yeah. The flavor is there. .5 and .25 ohm coils were great. I just wake up to 2-3ml leaked every morning. That stopped. Garbage or solution. We will see. Thanks.

This is how I get the Best Flavor out of my Crown Tank