Cthulhu Mod 1928 MTL RDA review by Adary

As usual, let’s start with a disclaimer. I purchased this RDA for my own use. It was not sent to me for this review (unfortunately) so there is no chance this review will be anything but impartial.

Cthulhu mod guys definitely pay attention to detail. The RDA was delivered in an aluminum tin with a screw-on lid, sporting the Cthulhu mod logo.

Inside the tin was a very pleasant surprise: the RDA came in it’s own brown felt baggie. This is definitely a very nice touch that gives that luxurious feel to the product.

Underneath the baggie were the usual goodies: extra o-rings, extra screws, a little Allen key and the obligatory blue screwdriver (omitted from the photo). There was also the weird long drip-tip that I will talk about a bit later.

Paperwork was simple and to the point: user manual, and the warranty card. The manual covers there is to know about this RDA, but let’s face it, it’s an RDA, not rocket science!

Back to the RDA itself. It’s simply gorgeous. Solid stainless steel construction, gold plated 510 center pin, and a very tight build deck. The way the airflow is designed, air comes in through the side (only one side) and ii comes out directly under the coil. One thing i both like and dislike is that every surface on this RDA is burnished (or sand blasted?). It gives it a very nice matte finish and it’s not a fingerprint magnet at all. On the other hand, the connection posts are burnished as well, and this can potentially add a small voltage drop, and interfere with TC operation.

The deck itself has a very clever construction. Wick is inserted into the two wick slots, which leaves a lot of room on each side to drip the liquid inside. Juice well is very deep as well, and can probably hold more than 1ml of liquid.

The coil I chose to build for this one is a simple 26ga wire stainless steel coil. I went with 7 wraps which came to 0.6ohm. The way the posts work, ends of the coil are held between the screw and the post, and you can easily install both clockwise and anti-clockwise coils.

I gave the coil a quick glow to make sure it’s seated properly, got rid of the hotspots, and it was time to wick it up. Wicking is very easy on this deck. Just stick the wick ends into the juicewell, and slide them into the slots. Little juice on the coil and the wick, and it was ready for action.

This little RDA has four different airflow settings. In the widest one, it can provide a very nice restricted lung hit. With the smallest one, it’s a very tight MTL hit. Since this is my first MTL ever, I didn’t really know what to expect. For the start I set it up on my good ole’ gbox at 30w, and started with the widest opening. I have to say that I enjoyed it a lot. The battery lasted me for ages, the flavor was excellent, and it provided just a hint of a throat hit (even though the juice I vaped in it gives no throat hit at all in DL mode). With tighter and more restricted settings, I got a lot more throat hit that I didn’t really enjoy, and there seems to be a lot less flavor. Using a dedicated MTL juice might change this I guess, but i have no intention of mixing something like that. I also tried out both drip tips. The shorter delrin one feels very comfortable on the lips, never gets hot, and doesn’t seem to affect the flavor. The very tall one (beside looking ridiculous) mutes the flavor a bit, and doesn’t feel comfortable at all.

The only real con I found with this RDA is that the top cap has pretty sharp bottom edges, and it started shearing the o-rings on the base. If you plan to drip in this one, I suggest to lube it up with your juice to avoid damage to the o-rings.

Overall I like the mod a lot. Manufacturing is superb, the aesthetics are very pleasant, and i had a good overall vaping experience with it.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. It’s a great MTL RDA for all MTL lovers. Would I replace it if it got damaged or lost? Probably not since after using it I realized I’m not the biggest fan of MTL vaping :slight_smile:

RDA specs:

Width: 22mm
Height: 25mm (without drip tip)
Material: stainless steel
Available colors: stainless steel, gunmetal

High quality build
Good flavor
Easy build and wicking

Sharp top cap bottom that damages o-rings

For your pleasure here are a few more photos of the RDA on top of different mods

Thanks for reading!


Thanks for the review and the nice pics


Well, a little stealth vape comes in handy every so often, so I’m sure you’ll get some use out of it :wink:


Neither am I, I don’t even understand how people do it. That pleases me to no end since I can keep my money in my pocket :sweat_smile:
Nice review bro, you’ve been busy :+1:


I can understand the appeal of MTL, and it definitely uses way less juice than my regular DL, but I still don’t really connect to it.

As for being busy, it’s only by chance I had two new-ish devices come in on the same day :smiley:

I don’t think I really need to stealth vape. I do the same I did when I smoked. Go out and have a vape break :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments folks :smiley:


Nice work man! Thanks for the review!!


Another great review of an interestingly simple designed setup.

I couldn’t agree more.


I’ve been looking at this style RDA for a while, I enjoy a slightly restricted DTL vape out of my usual tanks like my Freemax Starre Pure or Joyetech Air. In your opinion could I get a similar decent restricted DTL vape out of this?
Thanks for the review, pictures, and sharing the information on this cool looking RDA.


Da! Good RDA! Good review too!!!



So this one can’t really be described as slightly restricted. It starts off with super restricted DL in the widest setting, down to super restricted MTL :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback folks!