Cthulhu RTA, courtesy of Cthulhumod.com!

And speaking of the patience for wicking; for all those that get the Cthulhu, do take a moment and review the vid that @SirRisc graciously provided in his review concerning the build…before you build and wick; a dollar says, if you don’t, you will experience flooding of juice out the air intake holes. If you think you’re using too much cotton, think again. The juice channels are massive and need to be filled up quite a bit to prevent flooding.

Sure will watch the video. But didn’t he say his flooded or did he fix it?

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I think he did speak of a little flooding when he was filling the tank, but fixed the wicking as not to flood. For now, until I’m absolutely sure about my wick methods on the Cthulhu, I’ll be closing off my airflow ring at night or any other time I’m not vaping it solid, so I won’t come back to 2.5 ml of juice surrounding my mod on the table!

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Ironhammer5’s method has kept mine from leaking so far. This is the first time I’ve ever had to fill up the juice channels of an atty with cotton, but it works!

I don’t know whether to be super pissed or super happy for everyone else but FT just listed a clone Cthulhu today .


Custom Update on the Cthulhu RTA: Custom Notched Top Cap

For those who find it super difficult to remove the top cap for filling purposes, as I did, here’s the fix. Custom notches cut into the top cap via a dremel tool with a cut off disk. Works like a champ.


Great Idea, I do find that cap difficult to remove. WTG!

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Great idea Jim ,

I haven’t even given my Cthulhu the time of day since I got it …when I get the chance I’m gonna set it up nice tho .

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One of the reasons I got this RTA was for the top fill capability. It was thwarting me at every turn!

p.s. A little graphite cleans up the threading issues, if you have any.