Cthulu V2 is Good

So, I’ve seen this tank mentioned on here a few times, but I just wicked it up with the @Pro_Vapes 22ga, 3mm ID Ti build and I am super impressed. Velocity style deck, wicks are like a Crius, but the little holder for the wicks is removable. Wicked easily with hemp and I’ve got to say that this thing is hot shit!

The top fill is great. Flavor, wicking, and clouds match my best tanks with my best builds. Flavor is a bit less than my Bellus, but I bet if I put clapton or twisted in this it would get very close. I think this one is now on my top 3. Only disadvantage is that it is so tall. . .but it’s great on a Reuleaux where nothing will ever tip over.


Had my eye on this one bro. It’s on the list. The never ending list. :joy:

I have 2 Cthulu V2s. They are my GoTo tank of choice. The tank comes with Single and Dual Coil decks which are easy to build on. The single resembles Kanger’'s subtank RBA, and the Dual is a velocity deck. The dual is much better and easier to wick.

The single is trickier to wick, but great if you do a chimney build on it. I tend to use Titanium coils in either, but will switch to Stainless Steel as soon as I can find the SS316L wire locally.

You also get a clear and frosted glass, and 4 sets of O-rings and 2 drip tips. Greatest value in a tank yet.

It has great flavor and can produce nice clouds. Can’t go wrong with this tank…

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The V2 is one of my favorites, but did have some leaking problems until I ditched the inner juice flow control ring. It’s hard to use and unnecessary with 80/20 juice.

Any pics? And also wire :- http://www.wireandstuff.co.uk/index.html