CTi Pod Kit? Anyone?

CT1 Pod Kit by Next Mind 650mah

From the Next Mind company comes thier flagship pod system; the CT1! This system implements a unique coil installation process and innovative pod connection to ensure this kit is very different from the ones before. This kit also sports what Next Mind call a “self cleaning atomizer mode” that can clean the atomizer of juice for a better and clear flavor change within the coils. Since the replacement coils contain no cotton, just a ceramic heating element, this is something very easy to acomplish with this kit. The unique locking system for the pods also reduce liquid leakage that pod systems are a little known for. The included coils are a 1.0 and 1.2ohm resistance and are fantastic when paired with NicSalt e-liquids. The pods are replaceable, but you can also purchase the replacement coils that go inside the pod.


I have this one coming… just curious if anyone else has one and thoughts, etc… :smile:


I have been looking at it it for a while now, I just haven’t pulled the trigger.


If it works really good… will let ya know, @Dan_the_Man… incoming I think on Friday… excited…
hope the ceramic does fine… got it for travels myself.


@Dan_the_Man… it just got here… of course, barely any charge at all… only drawback so far…
I was able to fill the tank, pop a coil in, prime coil… got one hit and yeah red light battery…

I heard it might mute a touch, but… with a few of my heavier recipes tossed together the last couple days… surprisingly, that one hit was all I needed to know. I have spare pods and another setup coming for one of my vape bros here… :wink: he is going to love it!! :smile:

In regards to the light muting… I find it not so. you already know I use flv flavors and I am the lightest mixer for them. I think you would like this too… it is tiny… can fit in most pockets… I got it because I will be more active in concerts etc… and needed something on the go. The pod has a cap to it, and it is supposed to be great for airplane flights… will have to see sometime soon!

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You mean as far as not leaking on a plane? You don’t vape on a plane, right?


As far as leaking, yes… As far as vaping on planes… I plead the 5th. :grin: