Cuboid Atomizer short/low error

One of my cuboids is having an issue with getting an Atomizer short or Atomizer low error… I have cleaned the Medicne Flower(MF) out of it… I have 2. The other was having that issue as well…but I cleaned the MF out of that too, it workrd great right away… Now I can get it working by opening and closing the battery door rapidly… can anyone tell me where my MF problem is…the fix I’m using is a strange one… As a side note…clean those 5 10’s regularly…you may be saving yourself ot if grief… sorry to all the eleaf 100 watt and many other devices…your 5 10is press fit. And your eventually going to have to do this

Seems to be the most common problem on mods, take a look at your 510 pin, is there any metal in or around it?

Sometimes a little bit of swarf will get in and cause a short, I had it with my eleaf 30w, I can’t run tanks anymore on it, but using the 510 to ego adapter is fine.

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I have had it apart… joytech knows about this problem and won’t and don’t care to fix it… keep your 5 10 clean… 90 days…its fine…6 months…fucked. Use a spacer as well

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Oh God. That’s like one of my favorite mods here. Better start keeping an eye on it.

Use electrical contact cleaner and a q- tip to soak all the built up gunk inside and keep that 5 10 pin free so it has a lot of spring back to it… I also put a piece of plastic from a credit card to stop the Atomizer from pushing the pin too far in

I made it just the hole just the right size to screw round pieceof plastic credit card on

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I’m not good at fixing this stuff, but I am good at mailing it lol. About 3 months ago I mailed a bunch of stuff I wasn’t using anymore to vape for vets. Someone on this forum needs to start keeping a bone yard on this stuff who knows how to fix this stuff. I think it’s a limited but untapped market, sell it on e-bay and give away part of the profit perhaps…