Cue vapor **wtf**

Anybody else seen this infomercial. What a crock of shit. they are trying to put us right back into that buy it by the pack or carton realm of bull shit. The mod is about $60 and each flavor cart is about $6.50. Now bear in mind they don’t anywhere on the website or facebook page say how much e liquid is in each cart but they act like you would be changing it multiple times a day so I’m thinking not that much. Oh yeah and after watching the little segment twice (thank you technology for allowing me to go back in a show now) they mention it being sub ohm technology but very briefly and quietly. This whole thing stinks of big tobacco and big pharm. I think I read something about them being owned by or part of or somehow connected to Swisher Sweets company but I’m not wholly sure.


This is from their website

E-Alternative Solutions (EAS) and Digirettes develop, market and distribute vaping products that are manufactured with the highest level of quality control, innovation and commitment to our consumers. Our executives have years of professional and personal experience with e-cigarettes and vaping. And EAS is a sister company of Swisher International, Inc., a landmark company with more than a century of experience in cigars and smokeless tobacco products.


We are only free to socially and technologically evolve as long as it does not disrupt some existing stream of corporate income. Remember those crazy old long distance phone bills but TV was free? Long distance became free so they bought the TV delivery system. They will make the same money every month and trying to disconnect will be blocked …any attempts to get free of the SucK will somehow be bad “for our children” …this is a century-long tale/Sell. Expect more. Thanks for the heads up! DIY right here has been a singular shining example of global freedom …we’ll see …surely some kids will need saving soon.


Oh yeah and there is PG and VG in the carts but nothing about how much of each. Those of us that are PG sensitive wouldn’t touch it on a bet anyway


…and you can bet ammoniated nicotine that will “give you a rush just like a cigarette!” …in a child-proof flip-top paper box


They have 10 flavors most of which are tobacco and sell 5ml for $6.99 (thats $1.40 per ml) and only in 0, 3, or 6 nic. and you thought commercial e-juice was expensive.


Well pricing has always been based on “what the Market will bear”, so any new e-cigarettes will be priced on how much you were already willing to afford on analogs. Making them cheaper would be an insult to the Shareholders …even if they’re cheaper to manufacture


Where’d you come up with the 5 ml I looked all over the site and the FB page and couldn’t find it. they make no offer of how much PG is in it either.

I watched it as well and got angry. The equipment was sucky, non-adjustable and the cartridges were spendy and non-diverse and their “vapor test” was against a cigalike. Seriously, a cigalike? Even the criticisms from the people who had mods was kind of lame. “My mod has a chipped tank and is probably leaking in my pocket” - well fix it! About half way through I realized I was acting like a vape snob and that epiphany changed my whole perspective on the infomercial and the product. Who are they targeting? Smokers and, to a lesser extent, vapers who don’t want to get into vaping as deeply as those of us who have gone down the rabbit hole. Let’s face it, the rabbit hole can be intimidating. It seems they are also catering to convenience and being “public friendly” and trying to be hip and cool and trendy. There is nothing wrong with any of that. Most of us started out with cigalikes or EGO setups and then progressed to flavor or cloud chasing, some even to DIY and coil builds. The Cue is a step above cigalikes and in some respects, above EGO setups. Users never have to change a coil, never have to worry about learning how to adjust wattage/airflow, and most likely will never have a leakage problem either. The trade off is cost, lack of flavor variety, and not learning that more/better flavor and clouds can be achieved with the vast array of mods/tanks/RDAs available. The upside to them is they will most likely appeal to many more cig smokers than cigalikes do and will give many more vapers their start. Once the vape door is opened they will have many opportunities to interact with veteran vapers who will impart knowledge and allow test-vapes on the more elaborate rigs to educate Cue users. Bottom line, The Cue isn’t for me but if it creates more vapers then it is a good thing.


Haven’t seen the infomercial but checked out the website. The cartridges kinda remind me of ink cartridges. Its a nice looking package. The Blu was a nice package, and that is what got me off of cigarettes and into vaping. The Blu didn’t work long term for me, about a month, but it was enough to know that I was done with cigarettes and needed a better system to stay off of cigarettes. Maybe this will bring more people to the vape side in the long run.


Hmmmm, you can officially take me OFF the Cue list…

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Anybody else seen this infomercial. What a crock of shit. they are trying to put us right back into that buy it by the pack or carton realm of bull shit.

Roger that


I asked the following questions of them on their FB chat

I have so many questions. first what is the PG/VG ratio in the cart’s? how much does each cart hold? What is the Ohm rating of the coil in the carts?. What is the wattage rating of the mod? Is the mod operating via watts? Or is it using Temp Control ? Is the coil the same size for all three offered nic levels? is the mix ratio the same for all three nic levels?

And received the following response

Cue Vapor USA
Hello Gary! Lots of questions indeed, but I’d be happy to answer them for you. The PG/VG ratio is 50/50. Each cartridge holds 5ml of liquid. The resistance of the coils is 0.3 ohms. The battery is regulated and runs at 3.2v, right around 34 watts. There is no temperature control. The coil is the same for all three nicotine strengths, and the liquid ratio is also the same in all three.

Hope I was able to clear some things up for you! If you have any more questions, send us a message at our main Facebook page at , we will be using that page primarily very soon.

-The Cue Team


The infocommercial made me laugh… full of crap saying not like your normal vaping systems- just like them you just have to buy there nasty juice, no blending mixing for the liquid- well how is it made then. Lmbo! And acting as if you can vape anywhere what a load of shit. Want leak they say- yeah dont believe that leave it in a hot car all day then see what happens. Then they use one of the old ass gas station pen style ecigs to compare the vapor production with the cue. There is just so many different types of vaping now you can find one to satisfy you and none your able to properly use so it doesn’t leak all the time. Good laugh this morning.


I’d argue that this is about as commercial as it gets :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Well everybody and their pet wants to try vaping nowadays but only a few seem to be willing to go further then the absolute basics. And basics means basics they only want to know 3 things. Where does the charger go, how do I fill it and I just need to push this button right? I have seen loads off people that at first find it a turn off when they find out they need to change a coil (factory made aio coils)


My husband capes, he makes coils and liquid, he has had me trying the cakes for a while but they aren’t like smoking, and confusing for me. I plan on trying Cue so I can quit smoking. I am.replying to this because 1. I like your logic and 2. I don’t know how on here yet, signed up just because I liked your commen.


Good luck with your journey to stop smoking… If the cue works for you then go for it.

But since your hubby makes his own liquids if cue doesn’t work don’t give up on the vape… talk with him or others on this forum…

I’ll offer some words of encouragement.

After 3yrs of vaping I’m down to 6 nic… thinking of dropping to 3 soon…

I was probably one of the heaviest smokers out there . 6 packs of cigar cigs a day…

Then one day I was getting some gas and a vuse rep offered me my choice of cigs for $1 . I was okay what’s the catch… catch was I had to try their product for free. So I said okay let’s give it a shot anything got to be better than cigs.

Well needless to say it did stop me from smoking but honestly it was costing me more buying those cartridges. But even thou I felt better and could walk upstairs without needing to take a break I went back to cigs

Until I moved in with my in laws who didn’t like the smell of cigs. So decided to give enjoy a shot . Needed several batteries to keep up with my vape habit but still wanted cigs.

Decided to try one of the local vape shops. They advised me to get a better mod than a vape pen. So I bought a kanger subtank nano

Still was wanting cigs @6 nic. So they advised me to up my nic to 12.
That still didn’t work. So they sold me a troll . Saying I’d get a better hit.

Guess what . That still didn’t work. Was still wanting my cigs… so one last effort went back to the vape shop. Okay I’ve bought what you said. We upped the nic and it doesn’t work. What’s the highest nic I can get?

They told me 24. But no one drips 24…

Well I said give me 24 then. Needless to say that worked… I didn’t want a cigarette anymore. Then over time I’ve stepped it down… or rather my body told me it was time to step it down…

Okay I’m not saying you need that high of a nic level or anything… but if I can stop smoking after 27 yrs of smoking . Anyone can…

I don’t consider vaping smoking.

So if cue doesn’t work for ya talk with your hubby or other vapers in this forum… we all love helping smokers who actually want to quit smoking…


I used to buy 48mg, back in the day when you could buy 48mg here in Britain. That’s what I needed, short of sub-ohming (and I really didn’t want to sub-ohm) Actually I still make 48-50 mg juice for myself (though I also sub-ohm lower mg on ocassion, nowadays. Ummm. usually 18mg ). I have no intention of reducing the nicotine ever, because I actually need the therapeutic effect on my brain function. (Some people do. But the therapeutic effects are only just beginning to come to light)

According to some very old (and repeatedly ignored) research by Dr Farsolinos anything up to 50mg is fine. Nothing to panic about . If all you’re vaping is 2ml per day (as your average MTL vaper will) then that’s the sort of concentration that you actually need to replace the nicotine from your a medium-heavy smoking habit.

One thing that totally annoys me about these cigalike companies is that like to pretend that all of the nicotine from their device gets inrto your system , Then they use that as the basis for false claims about the cost of using their device versus the cost of smoking. That’s really discouraging for smokers , who either find, as you did, that it actually costs a whole lot more than expected, or else they try, and fail to keep within, the supposed eqivalent rate to their smokes, and start worrying about getting nicotine poisoning and/or go back to smoking

The nicotine does not all get into your system. “20 cigarettes worth” actually equates to round about 7 cigarettes worth. of nicotine in your system . At least with the old devices. That ratio might have improved a bit with modern devices, but I shouldn’t think there’s much room for improvenent,

Consider: a “20 mg” nicotine patch contains a whole lot more than 20 mg, if you read the fine print (it’s about 48mg, IIRC) because your body won’t absorb the whole lot. For some reason, the pharmaceutical industry is allowed to market their product according to how much nicotine your body is expected to absorb, whilst the vaping industry is forced by legislation to do it the other way round, And these unscrupulous companies are more than happy to oblige, because it enables them to rake in the $ with their false marketing.

It fucking annoys me, not just because it’s exploitative, but more because the net effect is to drive any number people back into smoking. Grrrrr :rage:


Thanks much and welcome to the forum! There is a lot of excellent info and there are great people here.


So what about us that can’t use 50/50 mix? What about us that also need lower or higher temp control. I use 2mg now and 40/60 miss would get horrible headache if I use 50/50 so sad that they want people to think so good however it’s basic! Maybe good for someone who never vape!!!