Cuomo Family Strikes Again

An article posted by Forbes this week examined the claims Cuomo made and the inadequate efforts made by Huffington Post staff in order to correct it for their viewers. The video in its entirety was called into question, with many in the vaping community speculating that the inaccurate information and the clumsy attempts to edit the video in the past week were an intentional attempt to mislead the public on vaping.

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See this horrible video here

This dumbass even lumps PG in with what she says are cancer-causing chemicals. But then again, I’ve never thought HuffPo’s readers were the most enlightened so it’s no surprise.


Yes, they are an establishment DC publisher and most are in bed with big Tobacco.


I can understand the age 18+ warning, but the rest is unfounded BS and they should be sued for making such a claim. The sad part is there is no comparison to tobacco use. Hell from the way they presented Ecigs, it make tobacco sound like a safer alternative.


I get blasted with those articles on my facebook account daily. I think Altria is pulling out the stops because the vape movement has exploded. The equipment and liquid sales are exponentially increasing about every 3 months. What I’ve noticed in the last three years where I live is the taxes haven’t gone up on the cigs. It used to be our State would raise tobacco taxes once a year. That tells me they know they cant raise the taxes right now.


The asthma thing has me a little concerned, as in the last couple of weeks ive experienced symptoms I would associate with asthma, but have noted a reaction to(acetoin) sweet cream and bavarian cream that weren’t of the DX line. Ive since changed my recipes back to the DX and intend to ditch my old stock.

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The Bavarian Cream, although I love the smell I can’t vape it above .25. My lungs don’t like it at all.

Even DX???

I never tried that…maybe I should!

I think I jumped the gun blaming the acetoin…now im under the impression is the alcohol in cap sweet strawberry, I didnt let it breathe with the cap off over night, like a shake and vape…and it flat out has been raking my throat and making me cough almost as bad as the stinkies.
Im gonna set 8 ml aside in a dram before mixing to let it breathe from here on out.

Strawberry is very acidic. I vape gallons of it :slight_smile:

In reading and searching, this is kind of common w cap sweet strawberry…I can handle acidic, like ripe banana, pineapple and kiwi double without coughing…and ive had no issues with strawberries from tfa.
So, theres that.
But in my search there is an RF Sweet Strawberry from Cappella, the RF stands for reduced flashpoint making it safer to ship overseas with less alcohol, but some say its weak in flavor…so I plan to steep small batches of the concentrate of SS for future use and avoid the harshness.

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