Cure for a Kayfun clone?

I recently bought a Kayfun v4 clone by Infinite from fasttech. I bought it knowing full well you usually get what you pay for, & this is no exception to that rule…

First, the 510 was way too short to make contact with my mods. To Fasttech’s credit, they got right on it & sent me a replacement base assembly. It only took 3 weeks to arrive, & now it works…:+1:, except it also gurgles like crazy…:-1:

The first time I filled it, I initially forgot to close the juice control. Probably only about 1/4 of a ml (or less) went in before I realized & closed it off but that was enough to send it into a gurgle frenzy. So I pulled it apart, washed the deck & base thoroughly & let them air-dry completely. I juiced it up again (after closing the juice control this time), & it was great …for about 3 minutes until the gurgle returned. Not quite as bad this time, but bad enough to be really annoying.

I read on reddit that its possible my coil was a bit close to the air hole & a little juice could’ve been dripping in… or maybe it was my wicking. I also read that inverting it when not in use could help.

So I pulled it apart again, washed, dried, & re-built, paying particular attention to the details I had read about. Juiced it up again, & it was wonderful for 15 minutes…& just when I was thinking it was problem solved, it started again …worse than ever!!

All I can think of now is maybe if I replace the O rings from the deck down with some original Svoemesto O rings - maybe they’re fatter than those in the clone? I know you can get a spares kit, but after looking around, they seem to be as rare as hens teeth over here in Oz so I’d probably be shipping it in.

So, before I go and spend any more $ on this thing, does anybody “in the Kf know” think replacing O rings would work?.. Have I missed anything in the fixes I’ve already tried?..or perhaps you have a better idea?? Your thoughts would be appreciated.

Get yourself some good quality o-rings. Here’s a list of rings I ordered for my KF4’s:
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 6 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 5 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 10 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 12 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 10 x 1mm Price for 100 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 11 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 17 x 1mm Price for 50 pcs
1 x Metric Buna O-rings 19 x 1.5mm Price for 50 pcs

Total price without shipping was $25.

Edit: Usually new orings bring these clones to life, performance-wise. These were purchased from HERE


Thank you @andygev35!.. Definitely worth a shot!