Custard - 2 month steep time?

I have discussed this with others but I am a sucker for SB’s Mothers Milk e liquid and it was one of the first I tried to clone.

Nothing I was doing worked, I threw away lots of liquid thinking it was ruined.

Today I grabbed a bottle out of the steep box, I don’t know the exact date but I know it’s been at least 2 months, the smell was incredible, the taste on the tongue was just as good, so I thought why not?

Well, it’s not SB Mothers Milk, although it has similar notes but I now know why the other liquids didn’t work, steep time…

I believe custards, in this case CAP custard takes 2 months minimum, this liquid has a sweet, fruity, custardy inhale, with a strawberry custard exhale, it also has a slight bitterness to it?? :confused:

Now I know some of the more seasoned mixers are gonna say “DUH of course custard takes months” but it has just amazed me and made me curious as to how the big company’s are steeping these long steep e liquids, if they make gallons at a time and have to wait months, how do they always have stock?

I might have missed something here on the forum, maybe this has already been discussed / explained, any input would be appreciated


That’s probably why most of their juices suck, they don’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:


I learned pretty quickly that custards take 2 months. I was seriously underwhelmed by many recipes until they had achieved or passed the 2-month mark. Nowadays, since I have a huge stockpile of various recipes bottled, I let all of my recipes wait 2 months. It’s kinda easy to do so since I have 150+ bottles aging, but it was not easy to wait for any of them to age 2 months.


I have custard on the shelf that’s 3…4 months old, it’s incredible, I am very frugal with it, I’m yet to find a time when custard stops getting better, and I don’t think it’s only custard, I found a bottle of a recipe I made…must be a year ago, maybe a bit less, it was called Nutz, at the time it was ok …but now…unreal, a really deep roast nut flavour, Alisa would LOVE it lol


Alisa loves nuts… Ahem, wait… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I think that was what was getting me, I wanted it to taste good now! NOW!

I have some go to vapes that are almost SnV so I’ll vape those and let my other bottles steep.


Similar experience for me with Fresh03’s Strawberry Milkshake. I tried at 1 week, 2 weeks and 4 weeks and wasnt really impressed. I put in the drawer and forgot about it. It was at least an 8 week steep. I noticed it in the drawer and gave it a try. Very nice! It actually tastes like a Strawberry Milkshake now.


I’m after one of those!!

I’ll check it out, appreciate the heads up!

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Haha! You could be right there, I’m wondering if they do something special when they mix.

For example I mixed some liquid the other day like this:

Flavours in - shake (a lot)
PG in - shake
VG in - shake
Nic - shake for a minute or more (feels like an eternity)

It blended much better.

I also think they use a flavour concentrate rather than individual flavours, it makes sense right?

Should we be steeping our flavours too??

Steep the flavours so they blend, mix with PG shake it, add VG shake it, add nic, steep

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This is the one.


A lot of alcohol has to age as well. Wine, Whiskey, you name it. Those companies get it down to a science and plan accordingly.

The question I have is after it’s aged, how long is it going to stay at that peak of flavor? Should I put it in the fridge once it’s reached it’s peak? If it continues to “improve” I worry that it’ll become too rich and decadent for my tastes.


Great point, like I said above this has a slight bitterness to it, is it going bad?

Maybe it has to be completely sealed, mine was opened and tested several times in the first 2 weeks…

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Custards and creams just need to steep. For custards the longer the better - It’s vapable after a month, but two or even three is better :smiley:


Old picture of mine, but custard needs to turn a nice shade of black (4-5 months) before vaping :grinning:

Coil killer and only ever vaped in moderation but very nom nom


If someone gave me that I’d think it was for the car! Super dark!!


Or gas mix for the weedeater, or ink for the printer cartridge… Lol


Mine don’t usually make the 2 month mark…


I think that’s what they do with some stones - that way you’ve always got the flavours premixed and don’t have to faff with individual measurements (I think…)


IMHO if it is that dark it is a juice that is either dead already or on its way out. If it is that colour after only 4-5 i think too much flavor was used. If percentages are correct the “milliard” should slow after the e liquid reaches a deep amberish red colour and can remain that way for a year or more.


Yeah, I agree. I’ve found some very old bottles of commercial juice, damned near 3 years old, that were a nice amber, not even a dark amber.

But it was in a glass bottle. I wonder if @bluenose63’s plastic bottle let in too much oxygen?

I don’t think I’d vape a juice that spent 3 years in a plastic bottle, but I’d give it a try if it was in a glass bottle.