Custard and cream

Hi guys, just joined up and have a question!
So what can you tell me about custard?
And also about cream?
If I make a recipe, based on the too what percentage do I use. I would also like to use strawberry.

You might want to browse the recipe database. There are tons of
recipes with creams, custards, and strawberries.

What custard do you have? Which Cream ?

Whichever you have, you might want to do a search from the flavor list and read the notes
on the flavoring you have.

Thanks very much. I see you have custard stone base. Do you add NIC and fruits then shake and vape if base is steeped? Thanks in advance

I use my custardstone just as I would any flavoring.
It should be added to nic, pg, vg, and perhaps other flavorings if desired. Although
I love it as a stand-alone flavor most of the time.