Custard Cake from Capella?

Was just adding new flavors to my stash and Custard Cake by Capella only shows 8 recipes and is not entered correctly (lower case C on Cake). Can’t find any other properly listed. But the big thing I found is that this flavor is not on the Capella site. According to BCF, where I got it, it has diacetyl also. It’s not listed in the flavor warning list. @Sprkslfly could you help with this?

Dumb question but does anyone know for sure this is a Capella flavor?


Besides the BCF , Chefs and FJ offering them im nit sure , I did order the ones available


VERY interesting @MisterSinner as I’d never heard of that one. I don’t see it listed on Capella’s SDS list …

BUT, Flavor Jungle has it also …

Dammit, now I wan to try it !!!

What’s it taste like ?


I haven’t tried it yet. Just got it in today :smiley:


Thanks Fids :facepunch:


Dammit {click, clickitty, click, … start new order …}


Well I’d reckon Custard Cake, but I’m not on the nod.


Vanilla milk froth
Sticky bun
Nut muffin
Custard cake

And a few other new Capella Flaves


Well, two things:
I don’t recall seeing @Bull_City_Flavors ever make a listing mistake that “huge” before…
And second, it wouldn’t surprise me that they might have a flavor listed that isn’t on Cap’s site (could be a test flavor, or possibly an ‘oops’ listing that might not have been meant to be viewable yet, but it’s coming down the pipe very soon).

Perhaps @wllmc might have some insight?

Depending on what we find out, certainly, I’d be happy to update (preferably after confirming of course).

Appreciate the heads up!

PS: the listing you found in the DB is correct… Don’t let the lower case mess with you. That’s an easy fix. :wink:
EDIT: in fact, that part’s done.


You sir, are a legend. Thank you.


@Sprkslfly looks like BCF is more up to date than Capella …


Why Flavor Jungle only offering 120ml though? I never buy that much! And what is the size of the sample pack from BCF?


FJ has aleays only.offered Original bottles with Capella so I assume thats what they have right now … BCF is 10ml of each flavor


Following because I just ordered Custard cake, Frosting, Sticky Bun and Vanilla Milk Froth. SSA shortbread is my #1 so I skipped, and I’m not a pineapple lover.
I can’t wait to hear thoughts. Also regarding the listing on ELR, it’s all over the place.
Happy New Year :fireworks:


GREAT NEWS @Lynda_Marie. With all the peer pressure in this thread, I succumbed to it. I WILL admit to panicking after being UN-able to insert the sampler in my cart. Can’t wait to hear what you, and the other guys/gals think of them.


So much confusion with Capella… Capella USA, Capella Europe, Euro Series, info about particular flavors missing on their own website… (is it taking the path of Inawera?)

So, there’s also a new sweetener Extra Sweet CAP that i haven’t seen mentioned yet here, but it seems this one is available only at Capella Europe…



Thing to know - it’s based on Neotam (which is produced by aspartame) and this precisely makes me mad since no vendor is actually publishing this particular (but quite important) info and of course, no MSDS about this sweetener can be found on Capella site.

More info about Neotam is here if anyone interested


… and they hide that even on their product description

Anyway, you can buy it at Chefs if anyone interested.


Benefits of neotame

Neotame is sweet. 7,000 to 13,000 times sweeter than sugar.

It has no unwanted off-taste or aftertaste that many other sweeteners is burden with.

Neotame does not contribute energy (0 kcal), does not affect blood sugar levels (glycaemic index GI is 0) and does not cause caries.

Compared to aspartame, it is cheaper and has several food technology advantages, which we will return to.

How about the health impact? We will return to that too.

But let’s start from the beginning.

NutraSweet’s investment

In the early 1990s, the company NutraSweet launched a comprehensive investment in finding optimal sweetener. It was a competition between two research groups. One was based in Illinois, USA, and was led by NutraSweet’s President, Robert Shapiro. The other was based in France and was led by the chemists Claude Nofre and Jean-Marie Tinti.

After seven years, the American group had found 500 new artificial sweeteners. At the same time, the group in France had found 2,000 new sweeteners, one of which was neotame.

The entire development project cost NutraSweet $ 80 million. No wonder if they saw stevia’s inroads to the sweetening market as a threat.

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I saw it when I was buying my 50% off flavors at Flavor Jungle. I went hmm? See, I shoulda’ got it! Makes me wonder if we all have psychic flavor thoughts or something?