Custard FA - is it supposed to be this dark?

Hey everybody. Just got this in today. Is FA custard supposed to be this dark? My previous order from a different supplier wasn’t this dark.

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Yup looks just like mine. I got it from BCV.

Ok. Me too. My ecx one doesn’t seem to be that dark. It’s dark, but it’s almost as dark as my cocoa.

Yep, mine is that dark too. I was surprised, I was expecting lighter when I first got it, similar to CAPs.

Ok. Cool beans. I guess after two opions we chaulk it up to this Chris guy being crazy and anal retentive. Lol.

lol no its fine. when i got mine i also thought it was odd for it to be so dark.

Yes, it is a rich dark color. Not as good as Vanilla Custard V1 (CAP) IMHO, but pretty good.