Custard rda and coil selection

Hi folks, i have been on a mission to find a rda setup for my custard vapes. They are tasting good in stock coil tank but just cant seem to bring the flavour in a rda.

For rdas i have
Wasp nano
Wotofo recurve
Asmodus bunker
Vv pulse 24
Wotofo profile.

For coils i have tried simple wraps of various kanthel and 22 without much joy.
However my local vape shop just had a crazy sale so now got
Wotofo framed stapl claptons .33 and dual core fused claptons .62.
Also a coil master box with lots of coils see pickyUploading: 15419665237433819583150944446232.jpg…
If anyone can suggest a good pairing from this lot i would appreciate it.


Welcome to my world @GuernseyNick. Same here.


Well at least that means im probably not making a stupid noob mistake.

I know we got custard lovers and great builders here im just hoping there is a bit of overlap.
It would be nice if i can ditch the stock tanks.


A lot depends on your wicking material and technique, as well as coil placement. I can make a great coil taste like shit very easily…
What are you using for material and how do you wick your coils?


Im mainly using cotton bacon and think im got it about right. The flavour is amazing with my lemon ice juice or strawberry fog.
It just doesnt work with my custard.

I have the bunker on the go at the moment coil is framed staple clapton .33 n80 with cotton bacon.

Edit didnt say how i wicked.
Im on tear off a strip of bacon thin out to about right size. Roll end pull through coil comb cut and tuck.


Personally I love my goon 24 v1’s. I typically use 24g ss316l 9 wrap 3mm spaces round wire with about 1.25 air holes open.

That said I would go with the goon with the build pretty close to the side wall and the air holes just a touch above dead center above the hole. A touch means just a slight tick mark…like you just couldn’t get it dead center.


This is exactly what Ive what Ive heard from a lot of people. Standard SS wire, spaced…for custards much better then claptons.


Try turning the power down.

If you are getting great flavor with your fruit juices and the flavor is not there on dessert or custard vapes it may just be a matter of 10 to 20 watts.


It’s difficult to see, but it looks like you use quite a bit of wick… I’d try using a little bit less.
Spacing your coils may help as well (doesn’t do a whole lot for me but at least it’s easier for hot spots).
Personally I’m not the biggest fan of CB (v2) in RDAs. I mainly use it in RTAs because IME it performs best when the wick is fully saturated. I’m a bigger fan of Koh Gen Doh in RDAs… trying something different (KGD, Muji, Kendo, Rayon, hemp, …) may give you a totally new experience.


I will have to get me some ss and attempt to make a spaced coil.
I just had a play with my goon but the build i got in there isnt cutting it even with the coil nudge up

Tried turning up and down, it definitely hanges the flavour but still not as good as the stock tank.

With the cotton i have tried canna cotton but didn’t get on with it. Will try a bit less next timw and see if that helps.


I have a small alien in my recurve that works amazingly well with custards, as well as a couple staggered fused claptons in my wasp and other rdas. Tried just round wire, as well as regular claptons but wasn’t satisfying to me.

I run these in a mid. wattage range (38-48) but mostly in tc. All my coils are SS and always spaced, unless my decks are so small that I won’t be able to do that.
Higher watt (55-85+) imo turns most custard mixes into light puddings, if you’re lucky or even into cereal milk if you’re not that lucky lol.

But I do have specific custard recipes, that I run on my squonks only, these do have lower percentage in comparison to my rta custards. Some custard do work better then others imo.

I use since over a year kendo vape cotton gold edition, since I get better results, longer lasting cotton and better taste than cotton bacon and cotton bacon v2. Just throwing this as info on here, not trying to convert you lol. If cb works for you, great :+1:


I’ve actually never tried using different coils for different types of juices, what’s the deal with the spaced vs. pinched for flavors ?


Some people have better results with spaced wraps for SS316 wire, as opposed to the the wraps touching. I myself don’t have that issue. Dunno why.


I see no mention of the type of mod being used. That may be a factor.


I just found a ss coil wheel. Hooked out a hive spaced it out and its a pretty dam good vape.
Im on the 1st world custard and ita tasting at least as good as my mesh pro.
Its in my bunker on a topside mod.

Thanks to all for the help, now i just gotta go see if my vape shop haa got some more ss coils in the sale.


Well in rta’s I don’t get any difference in flavor between contact vs spaced coils to be honest, but it works better in tc. However I do use different atomizers, coils for different juices/setups. For me there’s a difference, but that doesn’t mean that it actually is, maybe I’m just crazy lol.

In rda and I only noticed it with thick bakery or heavy custard recipes, these do taste different on spaced for me.

With contact coils, to me these tasted just off. There was a somewhat thick and heavy after taste, that’s really difficult to describe (not in a good way lol).more like a dense yellow blob of creamy gelatin.there’s no other way to describe it lol

After spacing the coils a little, I could actually taste the custard nuances and different things I put into it. And it “lightened” the overall custard a bit, it’s still a heavy rich custard, but just more detectable. Fruits or lighter custards/bakeries imo there’s no difference.

But that’s Nick picky really because most people, including my husband won’t notice it.

But other reasons for spacing it are works better in tc and replay, don’t have to clean it often because less gunking, with rdas like the recurve or wasp, where I place them higher/closer to my mouth I don’t get/have spit back issues with these coils due to them being a bit fancier with all the pockets/holes to hold juice, even if wicked correctly I still would have that problem. Space eliminates that.


Me also… Was so weird Im going to my B&M today to pick up and start myself for the first time.

Ty @eStorm It paid off good waiting. I hope they have this, will get it for sure.


I mostly order 3-6 packs with my ss orders from advanced vape supplies, because they are the only US vendor I’ve seen that actually offers it. But it’s a lot of times sold out lol. Now that I make my own coils (not just wrapping them), I better find a new source or just order 20 packs next time… At least it lasts a long time. You can check your local b&m but wouldn’t be surprised if they never even heard of it :wink:


I use spaced fused 28/32 Ti claptons with Cotton bacon stuffed somewhat tightly in the ID of the coil then thinned at the ends. Heavily primed, it does well with my desert flavors. Nice thick and flavorful vape.
I can’t get the same experience with SS or Ni80 coils as I do with the Ti and I haven’t used Kanthal in years.
Coil placement is very important and my general rule is to have the airflow hit the bottom 1/3 of my coil.
Watch your power level as well. For me on the above single coil, I usually hit it at 60 - 65W.
My suggestion would be to use what you have but try changing coil placement, different wicking methods and power until you find what works for you.
Good luck.


Thank you Kiddo! @eStorm

I Will find out… they are pretty well stocked.

This part is all new to me I have to replace these old claptons. This was a gift. But now I know why my RDA flavor testing is horrible. Using old colis and boiled cotton. lol

Also have 12 Atomizers I have to re coil and cotton.

You can see how lame I am so far. I took these coils off tried cleaning and didn’t even put them back on correctly.

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