Custards & a lil flavor help placing order

Hello group :slight_smile: .
After learning of the peppered taste of tfa custard, I’ve got a couple questions & need help please.

So bullcity has the Cap. Custard v1 in larger bottles so I’ve added them to cart.

Regarding TFA are there other flavors that give off this pepper like taste when fresh?
I’d rather order all TFA flavors but not at that risk, so other than TFA flavors are there other
custard & cheesecake type flavors that are better from Cappella than they are from TFA?
TFA has such great service & shipping in the u.s. so I’d rather use them when I can.

So any Way Better, custards,cheesecake flavors that are better from CAP?
I’m ordering more TPA flavors today & custard from CAP. I guess from bullcity unless you guys know if direct purchase method from Cappella, thanks for any and all help …

@Pro_Vapes might be able to weigh in on Flavorah custard???

Hmm I don’t know dittilie about anything but TFA vanilla custard (pepper) ouch flavor…lol

It’s so strange how that flavor taste like pepper when fresh, although it does go away it just takes a while.
I want to ask you guys opinion, could I premise with VG & STEEP IN ADVANCE,maybe I could avoid having to use another vendor but I really can’t stand the pepper taste when it’s fresh,doesn’t make a ton of since. Ideas & comments please I’ve got 4oz & would like to know if steeping beforehand may help

Very possible. I usually don’t touch a custard after a mix for about 2 weeks; just learned over time creams and custards require time for maturity before vaping.

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You can order direct from Capella’s using this link.

When it comes to custards, I normally use Capella and I personally prefer it over TPA’s vanilla custard. However, I also use FlavourArt Custard and Flavorah’s Vanilla Custard and both are great options if you want the more eggy type of custard. Flavorah’s version is great at about 4-5% while I tend to stay around 1-3% when using FlavourArt Custard.

When it comes to Cheesecake flavoring, I prefer Lorann’s and add Graham Cracker or TPA Pie Crust separately. But TPA Cheesecake with Graham Cracker and Capella’s NY Cheesecake are good options that includes the graham cracker crust.

You can get all of the flavorings from except for Flavorah. You can get that here:

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Ya know I love custard & cheesecake always have.
Maybe I can figure away to premises this custard I have on hand,but while I do that I’ll order Capella.
Thanks again for the links & information

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Sure is strange how Capella sells 4oz bottles for 19.00 & bullcity sells them for 12.99

If you’re looking for 4 oz bottles, Heartland sells a bunch for pretty good prices. Even better than what you can get directly, usually. Their selection is a little limited though. BCV would be my second choice where price is concerned.

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Thanks Jojo I’ll look now

Anyone know the difference in “V2 verses v1” vanilla custard from Cappella?

taste wise.

V1 tastes like yummy custard.

V2 tastes like more of a nutmeg flavour with a slight custard note to it.

If you want true custard flavour V1 all day long.

As far as chemically I’m unsure I think the V1 uses Diketones and the V2 Butyric Acid or something along those lines.



Yup. V1 is the way to go.