Custom Power Mode QR Codes - X Cube 2

I’ve been playing around with Custom Power Mode in the app, and while adding one, there are 3 options:

Add Voltage Mode
Add Power Mode
Scan QR Code

Anyone know what scanning a QR code will do? I’m assuming there are custom power profiles that were exported into QR codes, but google shows nothing. My scanner apps suck because I can never get codes to scan… just sits there going in and out of focus. Needless to say, I can’t scan anything to test this.

That’s interesting - I guess you’re right - probably a power/voltage profile you can scan to set :smile:

Be careful if you try custom mode. Once bluetooth is disconnected, the mod will change modes. One time mine changed to temp mode which was nice. Good thing I was paying attention or I would have kept vaping away.

Yes, it acts weird that way. I’ve found you can put the app in the background then disable bluetooth, and it stays in whatever mode you set…

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What version of firmware is that? I was looking at SMOK’s website and their latest update, V1.091 states that.

When the device is connected with the APP via bluetooth, the APP settings will be saved in device even disconnected. Anyway, the device shall follow the last instruction either from the device or APP.

Unfortunately their update isn’t showing a release date so this may be a moot point.

Man @ffrank you have more courage than I do! I run far away from that app!! lol

I was on 1.08 when I made that post, so yeah looks like that problem was fixed. Haven’t tried it yet. Would be nice if they added Custom Power mode to the mod itself.

Welll I’m watching these posts. I do feel the Xcube 2 is in my future so I’m trying to learn from other’s experiences before I get one.