Cv sticky rice recipe

I’ve been trying to make something along the lines of Craft Vapery’s Sticky Rice, but have been failing miserably. has anyone else tried this flavor, and does anyone have any ideas? tia


What is the profile as I have never had it?

I went to their site and read the profile, I whipped this up, this should be close:

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I have only tried one Sticky Rice and it was from Vape Kitchen. I love their Juice and I also spend time searching their site as they have lots of great idea’s!
Love their Bad Mother Custard , Nana’s French Toast , Thia Mango Sticky Rice as well as several others.A little pricey but one of the best store bought juices on the market!

I got this juice in one of my craft vapery boxes probably about a year ago. So it’s not fresh in my mind, but I do remember it. From what I remember, the rice flavor was pretty prominent. I didn’t get a whole lot of sweet or mango, and I don’t remember the faintest of coconut, but then again, I think I was vaping it on a joyetech ego one, so who knows what it tastes like with a good setup.
@sgenn99 , do you have a description of what you taste when you vape this juice? That would probably help a lot if you want to make something similar.

thanks all. I think it’s more of a rice Krispy treats base, rather than anot authentic sticky rice, like vape kitchen makes. not sure, but I can’t get enough of it, and I have yet to come up with something. appreciate the feedback