D.i.y alcohol vaporizer

I read a about this a few days ago. I may give it a try.



Are humans able to become intoxicated by alcohol like this?
Kinda confusing,since the alcohol burns off…I dunno, but I want to hear the effects (⊙_⊙)

Great article


Hit that for awhile and come back up here and report please i love crazy :cold_sweat: Just in fun no malice meant at least you would not have a drinking prolem

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So would that be referred to as “you have a breathing problem”


If you want an easier method just put some alcohol in an empty beer bottle or beer can. Heat the beer can or bottle until you see vapour, then stick a straw in and suck the vaporized alcohol up. Don’t drink too much as alcohol poisoning can be very serious!

Diy Clone Mod this is wrong i know it all ready I’m Pushing reply LMAOF Iam So ashamed Its a knee jerk for sure unregulated :smile:

An Estonian introduced me to something she called the Drunken Fireman (only she said it in Estonian so it sounded way cooler) that was similar to the Backdraft. She just used Gran Marnier, but it was yummy. :smile:

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