D.I.Y Mixing for tanks low taste

hi im new to mixing iv followed the beginner recipes got the stuff. juice sames good but weak.
im useing a alantis evo75 mod. im useing scales got good vg and pg flavours seam week

Have your mixes had a chance to steep yet?

4 days not change

I’d give or a few more days before giving up on it. Sometimes you will need a full week or more for the flavors to really come through.


I’m also a primarily a tank user and felt the same as you do about the flavor of my juice. I absolutely agree steeping will help. The other thing I noticed was the sweetener and pg amounts. Most commercial e juice has 1-5% sweetener and 50/50 pg/vg. As you get used to less sweetener, you will start tasting the actual flavoring more (or add extra sweetener). If using a higher vg, vape a little slower until your device is warm and thinning the vg (better wicking). You can bump up the flavorings an equal percentage (like .25% each). Rules of thumb: fruit only flavors steep 24 hours; creams steep 7 days; and bakery at least 3 weeks. Be sure to drink a lot of water. It’s a bit of a trial and error situation at first. A year and a half later, I’m still pouring some of the juice down the drain but I’ve managed to make a lot of really great juice. Hang in there, hope this helps.


Thank you both

If you want to icrease flavor i wouldn’t recommend adding 0.25 of each. Since adding 0.25 to 0.50 is a 50% increase in flavor, while adding 0.25 to 10 is a 2,5% increase.

Flavor A: 10% +0.25= 10.25% =2.5%flavor increase
Flavor B: 0.5% +0.25= 0.75% = 50% flavor increase

This way you skew a recipe completely pretty fast. You better add 10 or 15 % overall flavor increase.

Flavor A: 10 + 10%= 11 =10%flavor increase
Flavor B: 0.5 + 10%= 0.55 = 10% flavor increase

In this example the proportions stayed the same you just made it more potent instead of creating a whole new flavor. Hope it makes sense i’m not a native english speaker


If you`ve recently quit smoking your taste buds may not have normalised yet. Most juices are not really in your face type flavours, more subtle, if you like fruits have a look in the recipes section for juices with a top note of kiwi, citrus or apple flavours.

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Maybe try a one shot like DIYorDIE PRY4U or Rhodonite and mix / steep as stated to see if that changes things for you

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been vapeing fir 2 years just started mixing o

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Thanks for saying what I meant. LOL, I should reread before posting.

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i dont think u provided enuff info for peps to help u out. Perhaps u have vapor tongue from all the stor e bought sugars and cotton candy, try a lil http://tjek.nu/r/15d1 ,it’s SNV and will clean u out big time. If u are adapting low vg mixes for use in high ones, u will get less flavor, so u can up the flavor total but keep the same ratio. U may want to follow a popular mixer who uses high Vg in thier mixes.

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I will try thank you

I’m a dumb ass I think I know what iv done wrong. Iv been think I can lower or up pg and vg and not change the % of the recipe as you said

Hi so would I be better to go to the blue spanner and adapting the overall flavor by increasing by one or two percent

After all this time I found out what it was. It was a bad nictine I got it was muting my flavours