Daily e-cigarette use may help smokers quit regular cigarettes

Preaching to the already converted but this is a useful link - this is a new U.S based study from Harvard. Please share it around when you hear the old “vaping doesn’t help people quit” line rolled out as it is so often.



Step in right direction tho they had to get the drug push in there
“Smokers who plan to stop smoking should still be encouraged to first use FDA-approved therapies rather than e-cigarettes,” says Nancy Rigotti, MD, senior author of the paper and director of the MGH Tobacco Research and Treatment Center. FDA-approved therapies for smoking cessation include varenicline, bupropion, or nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges. “But, this study suggests e-cigarettes may be helpful for some smokers who are not able to quit with these existing treatments,” she added.


Was just thinking the same thing. These hugely profitable industries are just begging for our pocket change. However, it’s surprising that any such researchers have not had their funding yanked - so I would bet that they feel somewhat compelled to semi-reverently “praise the existing system” (medical-industrial complex).


That’s a good one, as you said if we start spreading it, at least the already converted can reply with facts! I’ll do it on our forums over here. Cheers bud.


Well they advertised vareniclin and things we never heard of… so the funding is safe… And what about the “e-cigarettes contain nicotine” … who said that??? “May contain nicotine…” they forgot about that… but it’s a step forward and they had to admit it, one way or another!

For our Italian readers here’s the link to the post : https://www.sigarettaelettronicaforum.com/voglio-smettere-di-fumare/31644-luso-regolare-della-e-cig-nuovo-studio.html#post375086

Start spreading!!


They have banned smoking in my country since 27th March, vaping too. But the cost of illegal cigarettes is astronomical and many people I know have moved to illegal vaping as it is waaaaaayyy cheaper hehe


I smoked for 30 years, then quit cold turkey for 5 years. I started feeling the urge to smoke again so I tried vaping, and loved it. Then I became disabled and lost my job. My vapes were stolen except the one I had with me, which finally died. So I went back to smoking cheap filtered cigars. 2 years later disability came through and I bought some new vape gear. Within 2 days I was cig free again. It is a no brainer vaping is the best way to quit. But, it was obviously also a gateway to smoking in my situation, because when I was faced with limited income, cigs were the cheap fix.


It’s the ONLYthing that kept me off the cigs. 30+ years pack-a-day habit. I tried cold turkey, pills, hypnosis (multiple times) and nothing stuck. I’ve been cigarette free almost 6 years now. Interestingly enough, my doctor has had me getting a CT Scan evey 1.5 years along with xrays to make sure the lungs are doing ok. I just had my followup appointment today and he told me everything looks really good and that each scan looks better than the rest. I never told him I vape because I’m pretty sure where that will lead to. Maybe not, but why chance having to find another doctor? In any case, I’m very grateful for the vape. It may have saved my life.


That’s great that you quit cigs. Are you vaping raysh?


Because the vape is the modern form of smoking products that converts cigarette smokers to vapes with less health and other critical issues that caused by smoking a cigarette


Unfortunately I’ve become so very jaded with all these studies that I’ve just reached the conclusion that money will always win out.
I simply can’t understand how all these infinitely smarter people than me can’t see what is staring them in the face, unless they don’t want or are told not to.

People die from smoking tobacco as is a irrefutable fact. Vaping is not as safe as breathing fresh air but nicotine is a very hard drug to just quit.
Vaping is safer than smoking but isn’t perfect. Tobacco is taxed to the hilt and governments rely on the revenue.

I don’t have a science degree or any background whatsoever apart from smoking for over thirty years,finding vaping and giving up smoking immediately. After eight years + I feel completely different and still enjoy the fact that I no longer smoke.
I’ve had a chest X-ray and am very relieved to say as of about three months ago it’s all clear.
As with most people, I think I know my own body enough to believe it’s telling me that things are better now but probably not perfect.

I’m not a child and grant myself with enough intelligence to make an informed decision from personal experience
I don’t want to smoke tobacco ever again but would very much like to continue vaping. Why should I be denied that as a person into his fifth decade of life who’s trying to live a responsible lifestyle?
I would very much like to be around for at least another couple of decades for my wife and children, hopefully to see some grandchildren in the future.

What I don’t want or need is anybody telling me that I can’t vape because it could be bad for me. I tried quitting smoking from numerous other ways but only vaping worked and continues to work.

I’m more than prepared to take vaping over smoking every day of the week because I know it works for me,am convinced it’s far safer than smoking and I enjoy it.

To be frank as much as I enjoy reading a study that seems to agree with vaping and its benefits there’s so many obviously negatively bias ones that I’ve almost become immune to them simply thinking who funding this one and to what agenda.

What about all the millions of ex smokers all over the world who used vaping to quit smoking successfully? I’m just a normal working bloke the same as millions of other normal working blokes who isn’t stupid but no brain surgeon either.
Let me live my life the way I see fit as long as I think I’m doing my best for me and mine and hurting nobody.

I should add I live in Australia and this country’s stance on vaping sucks big time.