Damn Vape Intense Mesh MTL RDA

This little RDA may easily have been the fastest build I’ve ever done. If you enjoy MTL vaping it’s really great and I FINALLY found something that works on an RDA like my tobecco supertank does. Happy days.


That’s is the shortest and sweetest review I believe I have ever had the privilidge to read!

You go girl. Oh ya, I think I’ll pick up a few liquids from your line. Could you leave a link to one that isn’t as sweet as you would normally go for?


lol didn’t really know what else to say it was so easy… not sure if I’ll get in trouble for leaving links? higgycig dot com and I think the bourbon is the least sweet but not sure if you like bourbon?


Thx for posting this. My Intense Mesh has been sitting on the shelf awaiting my attention. I should get to it!