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Dan the Man and the SilverPlay


Hey Y’all. Here is another long winded review and tutorial. This time it’s the SilverPlay RTA and here are some time stamps because I know I would have a hard time watching the whole thing. I have been trying to get my video shorter but I am having a rough go of it. Someday… Someday.

4:03 manual
4:28 Airflow inserts
8:43 Build
15:54 wick
24:50 if it were stolen




I’m sure it’s a go video and may watch it later. What are your thoughts ?



OOPS, forgot the time stamps. I’ll put em up sometime soon.

I think it’s got decent flavor. It’s primarily a mid to high ohm device that holds 1.5 ml of liquid. The best thing it’s got going for it is the way it wicks. Love the way it wicks. I put a .6 ohm build in it and vape it at 29 watts 3.88 volts. For 10 dollars it is a good tank. :grin:



ya…i got a few of the silver plays…its a nice atty…its a re make of the old hurricanes the way it side wicks…it has very good flavor…u just have to play with builds…to find the sweet spot…I found that a twisted 28ga SS at .45 was very good…at 40 watts

great review …

oh forgot to mention…i took the most restricted plate an drilled it out big so no honey comb effect…an works great…its even good with no plate in it…just adjust the air flow ring to what u like



No worries. Just kinda wanted to continue the convo…lol. I love mine. Perfect for a 6mg salt nic device (I normally vape 1.5mg on my dual coils) and wicks like a charm. A perfect drive home vape and can built with a simple round wire build.



Yet another nicely done one @Dan_the_Man. VERY nice of you to add timestamps for anyone looking for specific stuff. And, btw, you had me @ 24.50 !!! Everyone needs a “fruit tank”.



Thanks for your review!:2nd_place_medal:



Tru dat. I don’t know what my problem is. I think it’s some kind of weird compulsion. I will always use fused Clapton. I have gone as far as two 32g wire wrapped with 40g or 44g. It is so small and tight that it looks like round wire. :sunglasses:

@SessionDrummer I need to put timestamps in all of my vids., especially if I can’t make them any shorter. I agree everybody needs a “fruit tank” LOL