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Dan the Mans giveaway of the Recurve RDA


Well, the excitement has been “answered”, and the bloom is off the rose.

While it’s the ideal design of what I had in mind for a single coil (with it being a single coil, with air coming in from the ‘wings’ on the side)… the sad truth is that the airflow is even more restricted than the Theorem (in single air slot mode), and flavor is muted (comparatively speaking).

The flavor muting might be negated/improved by working more on coil placement, but honestly, I don’t really care since the air flow isn’t sufficient for my desires/needs.

I greatly appreciate Dan’s kindness in giving this away, as it allowed me to learn that even though the design is ideal (IMO), it was still not suitable for my preferences thanks to the air holes being too small.

Rather than attempting to modify it (with a drill bit), I’m going to PIF like Dan. I’m not sure how yet (whether publicly, or privately), but it will be seeing a new home within the ELR family.

I think it’s a respectable atty, but IMO, it is far more suited to use by an MTL vaper, and particularly in a squonking application.

Thanks again @Dan_the_Man for the opportunity to give this a whirl!!