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Dan the Mans Long winded and hopefully funny rundown of the Gear RTA


K, I think I’m officially sold on this sucker. Going to grab one on pay day, esp since Fasttech has the ‘glass bubble tank’ version. I don’t get to indulge in new vape goodies often, and I knew I was gonna be stuck with my next tank for a while, so I was waffling between the Gear or the Hellvape X Heathen Dead Rabbit 25mm RTA until I stumbled onto this thread. I’m a fan of the size of the Gear, and since my new Revolver has decided to be a coil killin’ pain, looking for another single coil bubble tanks that kicks flavor and is easy to build. @Dan_the_Man , thanks SO much for your review… helped a ton. And as we’re ‘lazy’ builders, using commercial coils rather than experimenting with our own wraps, I really appreciate all the detail you went into so I don’t waste moola on the wrong gear. Thanks again.


If the size and shape is what you like on that Vandy Vape Squonk, but you’d like an external battery setup, a friend of mine absolutely raves about her Vaporesso Swag. Apparently she’s had it a good 6 mos, and its been dropped onto asphalt and hard tile multiple x, still looks great and working like new. Very similar size profile to the EX Squonk, it looks like, but runs off an external 18650. Plus, you can find em in Mod only, not just the ‘starter kid’ with the sub ohm tank. I’m dying to grab the orange one, and was thinking about how great and low profile this Gear RTA would look on it. I think that’ll likely be my next mod purchase, for out and about. @Dan_the_Man super cute lil starter kit! I’d love to grab a few of those as gifts for smokers.


@OddModicum Thanks TYVM that does look ideal size-wise. Added to favs!


Thank you @OddModicum for the compliment. Just so you know, I did another video on getting flavor from the gear with round wire. One of my subs wanted to know and so I made a vid for him and everybody else that would need it. If you want to check it out, just follow the link up top and click watch on you tube


Ok, so that vid you did on getting flavor w round wire… suuuuper simple to follow. I’m actually going to dive into building for first time using your vid as tutorial. Here’s the question I posted on Youtube…

Heya, Dan, its OddModicum on ELR. I’m having one hell of a time trying to find the right wire to build, here. Keep in mind I’m a commercial coil girl all the way… this will be my first time building. Trying to find a coil setup that will work for the Gear RTA I’m buying today, plus the evil Vandy Vape Revolver that I can’t get flavor out of to save my life, and my guy’s OBS Crius, and ideally would love to use same on RDA doge v2… figured starting with these coils as a simple build (and you do make it look so easy!) is a safe way to go for all. Is this the kind of wire I need? I thought the 24 ga was a straight/plain single wire, but I’ve looked all over, can’t find a 24 ga that isn’t wrapped with something else. Hope this will work? https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10053913/9664239-sea-wolf-ni80-clapton-heating-wire If not, I’d love if you could give me an idea where to get this stuff. I’ve got carts on efuntop and fasttech that I’m checking out today, if that helps. ty ty… both of your gear videos are helping me, tremendously.

d’oh! Scratch that. I think I found just the plain, round 24ga Ni80… I’m good! Thank you, sir!


Great review! And it looks easy to build.


I left a response on my you tube page so that my other subscribers could have the benefit of my answer also.

Thank you for the support, it truly means a lot. If you ever need anything let me know and if I can help, I will and if I can’t then I will help find the answer.


Ty, sir! I really appreciate the help. I got all my wire/tools etc from apac region,so I’ll settle in for a niiice long 20 day or so wait till its delivered. lol But I’ll give building a whirl as soon as my goodies show up. I ended up buying plain old Ni80 24ga to try your tutorial for parallel wire coils on, and also grabbed some 4 core fused Clapton wire on a spool…Its really amazing, I had no idea they had spools of wire already in those exotic wire configurations that I could coil up. Its been a good 3-4 years since I went hunting for anything coil related, other than my old store bought claptons, so I was seriously impressed by the offerings :wink: And since the wait is so long for delivery, I also grabbed a few pre-coiled multi-packs, just so I have backups for my builds if needed. And now I know Lightning Vapes is there, just in case I need wire stuff and don’t wanna wait a month. lol


I have been considering a tutorial for easy Fused Claptons… :thinking:


That’s probably a lil outside my skill level as of now, but I’d love to learn soon. And there’s GOT to be a huge demand for fused clapton tutorial, in general, so I’m sure that would serve the community, big time. I’d love to learn how to do those and Aliens, eventually… but I think based on my oh so limited understanding of coils, Aliens are a lot more complicated, required pulling out the core and then replacing core with multi wire, or some such thang? Anyway, both are definitely on my list to learn. Though for time being I may have to start with ‘pre-wrapped’ wire on spools to make my more elaborate coils. That’s something I don’t see people mentioning, but the wire spools already pre-configured into lengths of Fused Clapton or Alien or whatnot definitely exist. I’m guessing you just sort of cut to correct length and coil it up to your needed diameter and ohms, but i’ll have to practice.