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Dan the Mans Long winded and hopefully funny rundown of the Gear RTA



Thanks bro, I think this one in Black will be my first RTA now, super low profile RTA that looks like an RDA, and no protruding long drip tips and doesnt spit back. I’ll be joining the club my friend. And the Black one with the frosted bubble poly looks close enough to non see-through, but you can still see the level. problem solved! :wink:


I probably should have put the frosted bubble tank on but the video was already 40 min before editing. I strongly debated whether or not I should post such a long video but I did and I guess we’ll see what people think.

@Freddie3 it is a pretty good RTA I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Good review Dan…u did well…I have had the GEAR for about 2 weeks now…its on my top 5 list as of now…surpassing the QP atties…JK… JK mini and Fatality>…only one thats a clone as i could not get the OG one…the GEAR is well built…but small…I have tried a few builds to find a sweet spot…most recent is a twisted N80 wire coils at ,40 ohms…which is been very good…vapeing at 32 watts…thats as warm as I like…as u found out…the coil sits right underthe drip tip so can get evry warm to hot if u vape to high…the flavor on this tank is incredible…I am a flavor chaser an not a cloud chaser…lol…I like that rich dense flavor that makes your mouth water …any ways this tank is so good I ordered 2 more…want to set up for TC vapeing…this to me is where u can really fine tune the ability of the attie…I HOPE…

On the deck like on the GEAR…floating deck…u just need to bring the wick just below the wick port then fluff it some after its in…no voids…

I did not put the bubble tank on since not a big fan of plastic tanks…i am looking on fast tech to see if I can find a glass bubble with same dimensions…lol…cause this RTA drinks juice like crazy…i mean fast…

All in all I am very impressed with this tank…why i got 2 more…I never even used the stock coils…I just dont trust chinese wire…or plastics…lol…

if any one is into extreme flavor this is the one…as good as any of the flavor RDA’s …like wasp…entholon…hadaly … haku just intense…just build right for it…its not a high watt atty or you will toast your lips off as llike said…the coil is right under the DT…

my next coil for it is going to be a flat wire coil …try from .35 to .6 o see what comes of it…the fun is playing with them an find the magic combo…lol

again great review an enjoy it…play with it …you will see whats its capable of…u may get another…lol

Merry Christmas also


Yes it does. I will be doing a follow up in a couple months and that just might be something I mention.

Thanks for the comments and support.



Love it @Dan_the_Man, and everytime a cat hops, it makes me want to buy !!!


Thank you Dman, I appreciate that, I really do. Sometimes I wonder why anybody would want to watch me, but that is natural I think. It seems like I have a boatload of confidence but I fake most of it. :smiling_imp:

LOL, did you tell me something like that on one of my other vids that the cat crashed or was it someone else?


am guilty :smile:


Maybe I will let the little bugger crash more videos


Probably no squank pin right?

You have any squank pins that you can see that might fit the GEAR? Something threaded good tightly and still extends out like 1.5-2mm?

Sorry Dan, I prefer if your cat responds he looks like he’s more confident. :grinning:


That was funny. Thanks for the laugh.

No squonk pin. I am not entirely sure how that would work… A floating deck would probably do it, but they would have to redesign the whole thing.


Wasnt sure what to make of that. Was he kidding and u are humoring regardless it gave me a headache thinking “Are we serious right now?” can only comment that u spelled squonk wrong, squanking is totally different concept.


I was gonna fix that squanking. I use a program called grammarly and it lets you know spelling and punctuation errors and now that spelling error is on my record…


My fault I was running back and forth tying to get ready and out the door for the family Christmas thing. Seems every time I like something there’s just 1 thing I can’t over come to buying it.

But I learned something new… Squank definition: … Exact definition unknown. Used in the same context as the word, “smurf.” Essentially a filler word that means whatever the user would like it to mean.

Yes!!! I’ll be patiently waiting, for the smurf version. :face_with_head_bandage:


What part can’t be overcome? The smurf? I admit, it goes through juice like a mad man, but I have at least four different vapes going at once, so it’s not a big deal to me, unless I leave the house, in which case, I would have to bring extra juice.


Yea pretty much the smurf :smile: It would be nice not to have to buy a full KIT. So I can get a MOD I want and the TANK I choose separate. :slight_smile:

Even though the battery is so small on this, I might crack and get this one. :blush:


It’s a nice looking kit for sure.

If your looking for cheap you should check out this thread, people are always posting some really bad @$$ deals


Not cheap, smaller. Like That Lucid that was just won, Id probably pair up with this GEAR for sure.


how about both cheap and small


Im a bit late to the party but mine turned up today.
Flavour is awsome and nice and easy to build / wick.
They must have changed as the bubble glass in mine definitely seems to be glass not plastic.
I got it on my smallest mod and it still looks tiny