Dan the Mans not so long Review of the Recurve RDA

I reckon I should start off by saying, that I don’t like it. There are so many things that I don’t like about this RDA, I’m having a hard time knowing where to start.

Now, I know that this is nit picking, but It bugs the snot out of me

It is a real pain in the arse, to get the box open. So the very first thing I do, concerning the recurve. Which is opening it, has got me in a bad mood already. One of the reasons I waited so long to do this review, is I needed to let some of the obscure things I didn’t like to fade.

Here is a sample of how (IMO) a box should be. It doesn’t have to be exactly like that, but there should be something; a sleeve, cutouts, whatever.

I had to shake the $h!t out of it, just to get it opened.

So, now I am annoyed. I screw it onto a Mod and pull the top cap off. The very first thing I noticed, was how small the deck is. TINY is a good word to describe it, but hey, it’s a single coil rda and a small deck could be a good thing, when it comes to flavor, so hey, a plus. Right?!

Next thing that I didn’t like was… Mike vapes. Who the hell is mike vapes? No clue, but his name is on my rda. ok, whatever, that has got to be the stupidest reason to not like a peace of vape hardware, but I can’t get it out of my head. So I look the fellow up and watch a video or two. So what if I couldn’t even get through one video. Just another reviewer, full of himself. Not a biggie, because I am also, full of my self. I mean, they don’t call me DantheMan for nuttin!!!

Ok then. Lets get serious…

There she is, in all her glory.

Now, lets get into vaping styles. I am a dual coil kinda guy, but when I first started building, I was a single coil kinda guy. That was several years ago, and there just wasn’t very many affordable single coil rda’s out. So, basically I was forced to vape dual coil. Once you get used to dual coil vaping with an RDA, it is not easy to go back to single. That is my problem with this device, it doesn’t fit my vaping style.

Single coil lovers

This device just might be something you will like.

There isn’t a lot of room on this deck, but it is surprisingly easy to build. The coil is a dual Clapton 26g kan. wrapped with 38g kan. 8wraps @ 2.5mm inner. This is the coil I finally got decent flavor with. I went through eight different builds, before coming up with this one. I would say that there is a slight learning curve to building the recurve. The problem with that is… I am a slow learner.

I don’t recommend much more of an inner diameter. There are two very good reasons IMO for not wanting a big coil. One is spit back and the other is, no room for the wick

The Recurve comes with some nice features. If you look at the photo above, you will notice, what looks like two allen wrenches, which they are not. They are tools to wrap your coil on. 2.5mm and 3mm. It is also claimed that you can cut your leads, using one of those tools as a guide, which I found didn’t quite work.

OH YA!! One thing that I absolutely HATE are those black bags that wotofo uses to put extras in. As you can see, I removed those “things” and put every thing in a CLEAR zip lock bag.

Now that, my friends is wonderful

Ha, something I like. I really love the protruding 510. I can use it with any mech mod and most especially a hybrid.

Believe it or not, there are several more things I like about the Recurve. For instance, the drip tips. It comes with two 810 drip tips. The colors I got were red and a see through black. They are also recurve shaped, which makes for a very comfortable lip experience.

Supe sick, all blacked out.

Lets say you don’t like 810 drip tips. Well, it comes with a 510 adapter. Which, I think was a brilliant move on wotofo’s part.

some samples


Let me wrap this up.

The recurve is a single coil Atomizer.

  • comes with three premade fused claptons
  • Two very comfortable 810 drip tips
  • a 510 adapter
  • two coil wrap tools
  • philips head screw driver
  • O rings
  • extra post screws
  • Squonk pin

It is pretty easy to build, but not so easy getting the coil in the “right” position. The airflow is a Pain in the arse, especially for someone that needs coke bottle glassess. The airflow goes through the posts, which I don’t like, but for no reason I can think of, except maybe making it harder to see when attempting to close or open the airflow. My advice is to get it where you like it. Then, try not to touch it.

If your the type of vapor (vaper?) who likes to take the cap of and “paint” your coils or if you just like to drip with the top cap off. You won’t like it. Unless you like the airflow wide open. Which is feasible, because it is somewhat restricted, so there is a very good chance you will like the airflow wide open.

As a dripper… Yikes. I promise, you will get tired of dripping every other hit or every 5 hits. This Atty is most definitely better as a squonker, though you may get tired of squonking it also. The deck is small, with very little room for wick and even less for juice.

Once you get the hang of building and wicking the recurve RDA, and your a single coil kind of vaper you just might come to like it. Lot’s of people do already.

At $27.00 dollars you could find out, without breaking the bank

I will be giving The Recurve RDA away, so keep your eyes open for that.

Here is a link (not affiliate) where you can pick one up



Well done Dan!


I’ve been eyeballing and watching lots of reviews on the Recurve for a couple of weeks now, and they all looked promising. This is the first critical one I’ve seen. With that being the case, are there any single coil RDAs that you actually would recommend over this one??


This is a perfect example that everybody likes different things… most reviews are very positive but there’s always going to be someone with a different view. Good to see those as well :slight_smile:

Great that you’ll be giving it away, I’m sure you can make someone very happy with it and maybe keep them off the stinkies with it. :+1:


Well Hell at least you liked something about it. LOL

Thank you for your honest review. If we all liked vaping the same way there would only be one atty on the market so I am sure China is real glad we all like different gear. Just think if the FDA gets there way we will all be vaping the JUUL or something similar. :nauseated_face:


Ya. There are actually quite a few. The wasp nano. Narda. O atty, Haku. to name a few. the wasp is pretty good, without the high end price tag


This one I still have an eye on and am very tempted to get.
In what ways is it so much better than the recurve in your opinion?

I assumed it has a similarly small build deck with comparable size of juice well… and if I remember correctly, the airflow also goes through the posts. So a lot of the things you mentioned you don’t like :smiley:

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Ya, its small. the wasp nano. The biggest problem I had with the recurve, is the fact that I had to fight, for every bit of flavor I could pull from it. 8 different builds, with me changing the height of each build, many times. It was a fight, and one I did not enjoy. I think the main difference with the air going through the post, is the recurve has a bunch of small holes, which makes it very difficult to see if its open or not.

with the wasp, I put a build in it. I vaped it. I got good flavor from the get. The wasp nano is 20 dollars cheaper too.


Thank you for the honest review and opinion, @Dan_the_Man
I was planning on getting one to use with my squonker but was waiting for more reviews and hoping I catch a sale on them… I know only $27 but you know how life goes. Maybe a vendor will hold a contest. Anyways, loved your review and the fact that even tho you didn’t like it, still shared your opinion with us :wink: keep it up.


I’m about to give it away, in mere moments


I’ve got to admit I was a little surprised as well with how small the build deck is. The pictures I saw before I got it, made me think somehow it was a lot bigger… but it is a 20mm diameter RDA and that really isn’t all that big. I think that any single coil RDA that has great flavor will be small, most certainly if you come from wide 2 coil RDAs.

I had no issues building on it though, and my fingers aren’t all that small either. No issue getting very good flavor (also from the get), and since the airflow’s already a little bit restricted when wide open (and gives the best flavor that way), all you have to do is turn the cap clockwise until it hits the stop. If you do need to play with the airflow to get it right, it can be a bit of a task if you depend on a visual check, the lighting has to be just right to see the position of the airflow holes.
Another thing I agree on is that the coil tools aren’t perfect. The size of the leg that’s used to cut the coil legs to size was a tiny bit too long (not even a mm) so my coil was sitting just a tad above the edge of the posts. Besides being visually wrong, I didn’t have an issue with it. Instead of having the leg bent, it would’ve been a lot more useful if it was a corner, at least for people who like to space their coils and use their coil rod to do so.

I wish I already had a wasp so I could compare the 2…


Skillfully done @Dan_the_Man


Good review and sorry it wasn’t your cuppa tea. I just got it two days ago and it’s my first single coil RDA. As a dripper, I would hate this one but sitting atop a squonk I love it. I have to agree on the unboxing. What a pain in the ass that was and I had the same reaction: immediately annoyed. The airflow adjustment leaves a little to be desired, but I’m a wide open kinda guy so I don’t have to fiddle with it once it’s set. I’m running a 3mm 26g/36 dual core SS coil in it and was getting some minor spitback, but then I followed @wvsanta 's advice and lowered the coil and it’s perfect.
BTW, I clear-baggied the extras as well. The black-bag thing annoyed the crap out of me too.


The problem I had with lowering the coil is, the flavor took a dump. you didn’t notice a drop in flave?


Well crapola, that kills it for me. I love a deep juice well, it is a must for me cuz lazy and all that. really like the coil area design tho. Ive been wanting to get the wife a nice single coil RDA to replace the old IGO’s that she refuses to give up.

Thanks for the review @Dan_the_Man, and the booger pic too, im keeping that one.



plus 10


Well then maybe the two of you should take a look at the Voopoo Rune RDA. I haven’t tested it but apparently it has one of the deepest juice wells @ 12mm if we can trust vendor webpages lol. Not trying to promote anything but was the first thing in my head as I read that. Also not trying to derail your review Dan. Moving on… :wink:


No, I didn’t notice a flavor drop, but the air flow was a tiny bit more restrictive. Or maybe I imagined it.


I did not notice a drop in flavor but I also think the flavor is better with the air holes on the 4 holes open on both sides not the wide open setting. Just my personal preference I guess but to me there is a definite increase in flavor that way.


seems like opinions are divided because I too think that the best flavor is with the coil in the highest position, but also with the airflow full open.
I don’t get a whole lot of spitback though, only if I overdrip (so when the liquid is standing up to the airflow holes).